Legends of the Field owner buys BB’s Bobbles
Bobbleheads will be featured at stores, help create buzz for museum

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Oct. 6, 2015

DELAFIELD - There’s something about the movement and look of a bobblehead doll that makes a person happy, so when Legends of the Field Owner and President Jim Lindenberg was approached about buying BB’s Bobbles in Wauwatosa, he saw a lot of appeal.

Just last week, Lindenberg purchased Master Z’s Dart & Pool Supply in Waukesha, which specializes in pool tables, pool cues, bars, barstools, dart boards, darts, other games, and patio furniture from Ken Zettelmeier.

Lindenberg said when both opportunities came up, he compared the customer base and product lines for those businesses to his business, Legends of the Field, and found they are similar. Sports memorabilia retailer Legends of the Field already had been promoting and selling bobbleheads, but the acquisition of BB’s Bobbles from Brian Boyer, president and owner of BB’s Bobbles, strengthens the company’s marketing, inventory, customer base and vendors in bobbleheads, according to the announcement Monday.

The 2,000-plus bobbleheads sold by BB’s Bobbles are mainly of sports figures, but they cover a broad scope, allowing Legends of the Field to do personalized bobbleheads for corporate gifting or personal use. 

The acquisition by Lindenberg also ties nicely into his pursuit of making Milwaukee the “Bobblehead Capital of the World.” He is pursuing different sites, along with an investor, in Milwaukee for a bobblehead museum and plans to have a bobblehead display at the RedLine Milwaukee Community Art Studio from January to April. At that time, he said he hopes to have a permanent location to announce.

The majority of the bobbleheads sold by BB’s will be relocated to the Legends of the Field Greenfield store but some will be stocked in the business’s locations in Mequon and Delafield and some will be located in Master Z’s in Waukesha.   

Lindenberg said he doesn’t have any other business acquisitions in the works right now but will soon be meeting with some people who approached him about possibly buying their businesses.

Both home recreation products and sports memorabilia are doing well, he said. With the construction industry seeing a resurgence, Lindenberg said people want home entertainment for their new houses. In addition, the Packers merchandise is doing well with a great start to the season and people are excited about the new Milwaukee Bucks merchandise that is coming out. He said Legends of the Field is just starting to get some of the Bucks merchandise with the new logo and is in the process of “beefing it up right now.”




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