Aurora St. Luke’s medical team performs first neurosurgery with new technology

Freeman Staff

April 20, 2015

MILWAUKEE — The surgical team at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center on Monday announced the successful completion of a procedure utilizing new technology for brain surgery a few days after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared its use.

According to the Monday announcement, the BrightMatter Guide has the potential to improve outcomes and reduce the risks of complex brain surgeries. Due to the new technology, a procedure was successfully performed on the brain of a patient with minimal anesthetic and risk to the patient’s brain function, according to Aurora.

“I’ve performed perhaps 10,000 brain surgeries in my career and this felt like the first time I had the tools I’ve always needed,” said Dr. Amin Kassam, vice president of the Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center and chairman of the department of neurosurgery for Aurora Health Care, who performed the surgery. “From the first planning stages right up through the surgery itself, we finally had the kind of look inside the patient’s brain that previously we could have only dreamed of.”

The new technology is part of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center’s all new neurosurgical operating room. The specific intraoperative technology breakthrough utilized during the procedure is known as the BrightMatter Servo Solution. This solution is comprised of three technologies: advanced optical visualization with efficient light delivery to the surgical field, automated positioning of the optical system at the command of the surgeon, and visualization of interaction of surgical tools with medical images including three-dimensional tractography.