Sal’s owner touts pocket park agreement with city
Pizzeria gets 2 more tables in exchange for wall

By ALEX ZANK - Daily News

May 7, 2015

WEST BEND - The agreement between the city of West Bend and Sal’s Pizzeria is a good deal for the city and downtown businesses, according to the pizzeria’s owner.

Guli Elmazi, pointing out the proposed changes outside his business Wednesday morning, said his property extends slightly more than a foot from the building’s wall.

The pedestrian bridge project includes the construction of the pocket park at the bridge’s Main Street landing area.

That plan included the construction of a retaining wall at the edge of the park, which would have left a 1-foot gap between it and the side wall at Sal’s Pizzeria.

After Monday’s Common Council meeting, where the city approved the agreement extended to Elmazi, City Engineer Max Marechal said the gap between the walls would likely end up being a place people would throw garbage.

So, city officials approached Elmazi to work out an agreement. He said if there had been no agreement, the plan would be a messy one.

“I wanted to deal this as a win-win situation,” he said.

So, he said, he told them it would be all right if they used his wall. In return, he asked if the city would allow him to put out five tables — two more than the three he has — right next to the park and his property.

The agreement presented Monday evening included all of this. Marechal said the deal gives an easement for the city to make improvements to the property, make upgrades to the pizzeria’s wall and gives a grant of privilege for Elmazi to put out those tables on the property.

“(The project) is good for all of downtown, but especially this corner,” Elmazi said.

He said the city gave him the contract to sign Monday. He was still going over the details as of Wednesday morning, but said he will likely sign it.