Wis. businesses urged to use caution with Corporate Records Service offer

Special to The Freeman

April 15, 2014

MADISON – The Department of Financial Institutions is encouraging Wisconsin business owners to use caution if they receive an offer from Michigan-based Corporate Records Service.

In the mailing that’s been received by multiple Wisconsin businesses, the company offers to prepare and provide “corporate consent records” for a fee of $125, according to a statement. However, Wisconsin businesses are not required by DFI or any other state agency to complete the document, titled “2014 Annual Records Solicitation Form,” according to the statement.

DFI, which is the filing office for Wisconsin businesses, has received numerous inquiries over the past two days from business owners asking about the form.

“The form has an official look to it and includes company-specific information, such as corporation number and incorporation date, which is on file with DFI,” said George Petak, administrator of DFI’s corporate and consumer services division. “Business owners should be aware, however, that completion of this form is not required for any filing with DFI.”