WE Energies' 'Stay Connected' plan starting early this year

Special to The Freeman

March 26, 2014

MILWAUKEE - WE Energies is launching a campaign urging its customers who are behind on their bills to pay up before the end of the winter heating moratorium on Apr. 16 or face disconnection.

The company, which serves over 1.1 million electric customers across Wisconsin and Michigan and provides 1.1 million in Wisconsin with natural gas, is launching its "Stay Connected" campaign early this year due to the winter's extreme weather.

Many WE Energies consumers have seen their heating bills rise sharply this year due to a spike in natural gas usage.

The program uses phone calls, bill inserts and other messaging to alert customers who have fallen behind on their payments.

WE Energies also warns that scammers have been known to prey on customers at this time of year, and that anyone receiving suspicious phone calls or emails should immediately contact the company.