Local Harley-Davidson dealership forges new identity from Milwaukee's past


April 8, 2018

The Iron Town Harley-Davidson dealership is located at 1925 S. Moorland Road in New Berlin.

Katherine Michalets/Freeman Staff

NEW BERLIN - The Harley-Davidson dealership in New Berlin once known as “Hal’s” has changed its name to “Iron Town” - a label that draws from the greater Milwaukee area’s history with iron and steel foundries that date back to the mid-1800’s, according to Kurt Harder, general manager of Iron Town Harley-Davidson dealership.

Harder referred to this era as a pivotal time for not only the country, but also Milwaukee and its neighboring communities with their foundries that forged the iron used to lay railroads and the foundation on which the city was built.

“Iron foundries were very prevalent here in the industrial age,” Harder said. “This area was a hub for iron and steel and it spread north.”

By bringing its customers back to the greater Milwaukee area’s roots, the dealership is hoping to remind its customers of what Harley is all about — a product as tough as iron with an intimidating roar, and built to last, Harder said.

“Kind of the mystique behind Harley-Davidson is that if you ride a Harley you’re kind of a badass, you’re tough,” Harder said. Iron Town also connects back to the terms “Iron Horse,” or “Milwaukee Iron,” nicknames that oldschool riders used to describe Harley, which stems from Bill Davidson’s creation of the motorcycle model, the 883 Iron, according to Harder.

But behind all the history lies the dealership’s focus of catering to the customer’s needs, Harder said. He added that the dealership’s business model is customer centric, which is reflective in their “Iron Town Pledge” to make offerings that other dealers are unwilling or unable to offer, he said.

“Customer comes first and we always try to find yes to a customer’s request,” Harder said.

A brief history

Iron Town Harley-Davidson started out in 1959 as J& S Cycles in West Allis and was originally owned by John and Sharon Sekulic, according to Iron Town’s website. The business grew, and by 1965, had moved to New Berlin. In 1978, which was the Motor Company’s 75th anniversary year, Hal Topel acquired the dealership andchanged its name to Hal’s Harley-Davidson. In June of 2016, Sara and Eric Pomeroy, purchased the dealership from on of Hal’s children. 262-513-2657