Mad Rooster restaurateur, family members sentenced in tax conspiracy

Associated Press
Also contributing: Freeman Staff

November 19, 2016

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee-area restaurateur has been sentenced to two years in prison for conspiring with his wife and son to skim millions of dollars in cash from his business and failing to report that as income.

Federal prosecutors say Paul Bouraxis also paid workers in cash to avoid payroll taxes.

Bouraxis’ son, Andreas, will serve a year and a day after his father is released from prison. Bouraxis’ wife, Freida, will serve six months of house arrest and three years of probation. Bouraxis’ son-in-law, Ray Awadallah, managed one of the family’s three restaurants and was also sentenced to house arrest and probation for cheating on his taxes.

Federal officials say more than $3 million was skimmed from the restaurants. The family operates Omega Burger in Milwaukee, Mad Rooster in Milwaukee, El Fuego in Franklin and El Beso in Greenfield. The family plans to turn the former Hardee’s, 130 N.W. Barstow St., Waukesha, into a Mad Rooster Café.

In July, Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly told The Freeman the conviction won’t play a role in the addition of Mad Rooster to the city.

“If it impacts their plans, it would impact it from their end,” Reilly said in July. “The city can’t not approve the building because someone is convicted. (The Plan Commission) is looking at the building and the business. Whether there’s a conviction or not isn’t our area.”

On Nov. 9, developer Berg Management and owner of the proposed Mad Rooster Café received unanimous approval for its amended site plan.