Primex Wireless brings OneVue Intelligent Monitoring Platform to healthcare

Special to The Freeman

Jan. 21, 2015

LAKE GENEVA Primex Wireless, a provider of solutions to automate and maintain facility compliance, increase efficiencies and reduce risk for enterprise organizations, is introducing the next generation of wireless monitoring with release of the OneVue Intelligent Monitoring platform.

OneVue is a cloud-based, mobile-first platform that allows users to view monitoring data and configure the system using any Web browser on any tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

With its responsive design, OneVue automatically resizes and rearranges the screen to optimize the user's experience for their mobile or desktop device.

OneVue eliminates the need for an organization's IT team to install or maintain servers or software.

Only a minimal IT commitment is required upfront to configure the platform for any healthcare organization's network, regardless of size.

OneVue is currently available for use with PrimexIAQ (Room Temp/Humidity) and PrimexTEMP (Equipment Temperature) sensors. Additional capabilities are expected to be incorporated into the OneVue platform during Spring 2015.

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