O' What a Day Cafe to return to Waukesha

Special to the Freeman

April 5, 2014


O’ What a Day Cafe in Brookfield.The cafe may have a new Waukesha location
when the Meijer store opens. 
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA – Bobbie Peters, owner of O’ What a Day Cafe, plans to open another branch of her business in the city where it started – Waukesha.

O’ What a Day Cafe is currently located at 17385 West Bluemound Road in Brookfield. Peters is excited about the possibility of having two locations. The Waukesha branch will be located on Sunset Drive.

However, neither Peters nor Waukesha officials are currently able to give an exact date of when the opening of the second location will take place.

According to Peters, she is “waiting to hear from the city” in order to begin planning an opening date. With the upcoming construction of the Meijer building on Sunset Drive and Tenny Avenue, “We don’t want to open and then have that area of Sunset closed due to construction; it would hurt the business,” said Peters. So stay tuned.