The must-see in Muskego
Businesses renovating, updating after Janesville Road reconstruction

By Karen Pilarski - Freeman Staff

Oct. 15, 2015

 The Pickleball Court ribbon-cutting was a fun-filled Muskego event. Ribbon-cutting events celebrate and welcome a new or updated business.
Photo submitted by Joyce Paisley Photography

MUSKEGO - Muskego-area businesses are busy updating, renovating and decorating. The exciting changes started after Janesville Road got a makeover.  “Since the completion of the road, many businesses members moved or renovated their buildings,” said Krisann Durnford, Muskego Area Chamber of Commerce events and marketing coordinator. Janesville Road was originally two lanes but was expanded to four lanes in 2014. Durnford said the road now looks beautiful and updated.

The new landscape is a welcome change. For a long time Muskego was on the outskirts and residents had to travel to a different city to find things. 

“We spent many years working towards having more commerce and the ability to drive five minutes to something,” Durnford said.

Ribbons, balloons and celebration

Ribbon-cutting ceremonies are offered as a member benefit to brand new businesses that join the chamber or for existing members that relocate or have substantial renovation.

In 2014, the chamber held sixteen ribbon cuttings. Thirteen were for new locations or businesses. This year nine new locations or businesses and three remodels have been celebrated. Looking ahead is the new Forward Dental building, the relocation of BMS (formerly Bulk Mail Services) and the grand opening of Costco.

Durnford said ribbon cuttings can garner a crowd up to 20 people. It depends on what the business is planning, such as refreshments or a grand opening.

Up and coming

The Muskego business community has variety to fit the needs of the city’s 24,500 residents. From restaurants and clothing stores to industrial and construction companies, from health and dental choices to Muskego’s first and only Pickleball Court, the community is expanding.

“With a business membership hovering around 325, the Muskego chamber is proud to represent such a variety of career and business choices,” said Durnford.

The chamber continues to work on events for the year including the holiday parade. Durnford thinks the appeal is community, which is valued in the town. Residents are often looking for ways to network, socialize and have open communication.

“The new road brings a new look and helps us update business along the road,” she said.