A quick stop for coffee, doughnuts in Hartford
Iced and hot beverages, baked goods available at national chain

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

July 8, 2015

The exterior of Dunkin’ Donuts is shown Friday afternoon in Hartford. The store opened on Father’s Day offering free donuts to dads.
John Ehlke/Daily News

HARTFORD — Dunkin’ Donuts opened in Hartford last month with great anticipation in the community and it’s proving to be the destination for coffee and doughnut lovers.

The doughnut shop at 1595 E. Sumner St. had a soft opening June 17 and a grand opening June 21.

Sitting in one of the booths at Dunkin’ Donuts on Friday afternoon, Katie Olsen, assistant store manager, said Milwaukee Brewing Co., which owns several Dunkin’ Donut franchises including the one in Hartford, is opening several stores throughout the Midwest.

“I like Hartford because it’s a small-town community,” Olsen said. “We have a lot of families here. There’s not as much located right here in town. It’s kind of a commuter town, so people travel out of town for work and there’s not as much available right here in town, so I think this is a great location.”

Hartford District 3 Alderman Barry Wintringer said he thought it was a good thing when he heard Dunkin’ Donuts was coming to his district.

“It’s nice to see a new business come in and show an interest in the community,” Wintringer said.

Assistant manager Katie Olsen talks about the products offered at Dunkin’ Donuts.
John Ehlke/Daily News

Dunkin’ Donuts opens at 5 a.m., but employees arrive at 4 a.m. to prepare baked goods and start brewing coffee.

Milwaukee Brewing Co. Director of Operations Robert Wisniewski said there are 22 employees at Dunkin’ Donuts in Hartford and 95 percent of them are local.

“We never stop hiring,” Wisniewski said.

Olsen said iced and hot coffee is offered with options like cream, sugar and flavored shots.

“A fresh pot of coffee is made every 18 minutes, so you’re ensured a fresh pot of coffee every time,” Olsen said.

Bagels and muffins are made at the Hartford location every day.

Interior decor at Dunkin' Donuts seen Friday afternoon in Hartford.
John Ehlke/Daily News

Olsen said doughnuts are made in a 5,000-squarefoot bakery in Greenfield and delivered daily.

“They’re baked starting at 1 a.m. and we get them brought to us first thing in the morning,” Wisniewski said.

Dunkin’ Donuts also offers breakfast sandwiches on croissants, bagels or Texas toast, with meat or eggs and cheese. Wisniewski said there are also healthy options like strawberry and banana smoothies.

Free Wi-Fi and USB outlets are available in the dining area for charging electronic items. Wisniewski said about $2.5 million was put into the Hartford location.

When word started to spread about Dunkin’ Donuts coming to Hartford, Wintringer said almost everything he heard from residents was positive. Wisniewski said the community response has been phenomenal.

“This store runs a lot higher (margins) than we thought it was going to,” Wisniewski said. “It’s got a big demand.”

Olsen, a Hartford resident, said she loves the community that comes to Dunkin’ Donuts.

“We had a guy that came through the drive-thru that had his parrot on his shoulder while he was ordering and the parrot was talking to us,” Olsen said. “We see a lot of fun people coming through town.”

The Hartford Dunkin’ Donuts is open 5 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Sunday. For more information call 262-670-9030 or visit www.dunkindonuts.com.

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