Kwik Trip opens new store
Mequon location is just south of previous facility

By Laurie Arendt - News Graphic Correspondent

Jan. 27, 2015

Kwik Trip has opened a new, larger store on Cedarburg Road in Mequon.
Photos by Gary Achterberg

MEQUON - It’s a new building and new space, but there’s something quite familiar about Mequon’s Kwik Trip on Cedarburg Road.

“It is significant upgrade to an absolutely good location for us,” says Steve Wrobel of La Crosse-based Kwik Trip’s public relations team. “Sometimes stores that have been around for awhile need an upgrade and to be freshened up, and that’s exactly what happened in Mequon.”

In mid-January, the old building on the corner of Donges Bay and Cedarburg roads was demolished, and Kwik Trip opened its new facility, which Wrobel calls a “large-footprint” store.

“It’s a significant upgrade, and some of the changes are fairly easy to see, like the architecture, which was chosen to be a good neighbor and blend in with the existing architecture of the area,” he said. “Inside, though, we’re still able to offer the things our guests are familiar with: 38-cent (a pound) bananas, our coffee, our convenience foods.”

Wrobel said the design is part of Kwik Trip’s efforts to serve their guests’ needs.

“Years ago, people maybe didn’t associate convenience stores with high-quality, safe-to-eat foods,” he said. “Our food is prepared daily in La Crosse and taken to our locations. It’s very fresh food.”

Many of the changes are in the actual building itself, including more energy efficient equipment and upgraded kitchen facilities.

“We could definitely build stores cheaper, but we want them to last and we use sustainability processes in our buildings,” he said.

The store includes a two-bay car wash.
Photos by Gary Achterberg

For example, the new Mequon location has LED lighting in the coolers and freezers, which reduces energy consumption and heat generation.

“The store is also monitored remotely, which is pretty amazing,” he said. “If someone in Mequon accidentally leaves a cooler or freezer door open, it triggers an alarm in La Crosse and a phone call to the store. We have some amazing systems in place.”

The Mequon location also now offers car wash services, which also incorporate sustainability initiatives.

“Our car washes reclaim the final rinse and re-use it one time for a underbody spray before it enters the storm sewers,” he said. “We’re very proud to incorporate things like that whenever we can, even if means a bigger investment up front.”

During the next few weeks, additional work will be completed to turn the remaining former location into additional parking, with the new building located just south of the former Kwik Trip.