Polk Town Board OKs permit for trucking company
Double J Transport not bothered by possible floodplain changes

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

 March 11, 2015

TOWN OF POLK — Town Board members approved a preliminary site plan and business use permit for Double J Transport trucking company during their Town Board meeting Tuesday night.

The Double J Transport trucking company will be on the southwest corner of Sherman Road and Highway P.

Town Chairman Albert Schulteis asked Treasurer Tracy Groth if there were conditions.

“Not for this preliminary site plan,” Groth said.

When Town Board members were discussing the business use permit, Schulteis said the county might redo the floodplains near the site and there may be an issue. He said it didn’t seem to bother the buyer or the seller.

After the meeting, Schulteis said this is preliminary and Double J Transport will come back with a final plan.

“They wanted to know from us if we were going to have any objections to their coming in our area and there were none. The site is fine for it,” Schulteis said.

He said Double J Transport will need to get approval from the county and they will come back before the Town Board.

Board opposes petition to close rail crossing

Town Board members approved a resolution that opposes a petition submitted to Commissioner of Railroads by Wisconsin and Southern Railroad and Wisconsin Central Railroad to close a rail crossing on Fond du Lac Drive.

On Feb. 27, a state hearing examiner denied two railroads’ petition to close a rail crossing in the town of Polk.

The Daily News reported March 3 Wisconsin and Southern Railroad and Wisconsin Central Ltd. wanted to close the Fond du Lac Drive crossing because of safety concerns.

The ruling will be final after a 15-day comment period ends Saturday.

“They did find in our favor,” Schulteis said at the Town Board meeting. “Only this is preliminary and now it’s got to go to the Railroad Commissioner’s Office.”

“So we have a number of residents and businesses that have sent letters to the Commissioner’s Office and this (the resolution) is just one more thing to back ourselves up,” he added.