Bringing in Business
Many moves, builds in Jackson


Dec.2, 2015

B&L Graphic Solutions co-owner Joe Bremberger stacks paper as the business makes another trip to its new home at Northwest Business Park on Nov. 25 in the village of Jackson.
Jennifer McBride/Daily News

VILLAGE of JACKSON — There hasn’t been a lot of down time for area businesses here. Between keeping up with everyday tasks, employees are moving offices and equipment to Northwest Business Park and beyond.

The shell of Design 2 Construct Development Corp.’s Delaney V building was completed in August and is filling up. Two businesses were settling in last week and another will likely be moving in this week, said Jim Micech, Jackson building inspector and code enforcement officer. Along with Delaney V, there is much more going on in the park and around the village. Design 2 Construct Architect Brad Egan said, in addition to Delaney V, there are 16 suites in four neighboring buildings in the park and all are occupied.

“With the economy getting better people are building,” Micech said.

Some businesses are committing to spaces even before they are available, including B& L Graphic Solutions, which opened in its new home Monday.

The business was bursting at the seams at its Tillie Lake Court office, owners Joe Bremberger and Tim Luetschwager agreed while filling and lifting boxes last week. Employees of the commercial print company that specializes in signs, posters, life-size “standies” and more, were packing everything from paper to presses on trailers to move from their 1,875-square-foot space to 5,600 square feet in Delaney V. They had been so cramped for space they made the bathroom a storage closet.

A friend of B&L Graphic Solutions' co-owners, Andrew Meyer of Sheboygan, helps pack boxes Nov. 25 at the company's Tillie Lake Court office in the village of Jackson. The business moved to Northwest Business Park and opened Monday.
Jennifer McBride/Daily News

B&L Graphic Solutions co-owner Tim Luetschwager prepares to move stacks of paper from the business' Tillie Lake Court office Nov. 25 to Northwest Business Park in the village of Jackson.
Jennifer McBride/Daily News

Other companies were occupying and organizing a neighboring space. The two companies, under the umbrella of the parent company Lonza Business, moved into their 5,600-square-foot space to accommodate a smaller work force after retirements and transfers. It consolidated and moved its Germantown and Mequon locations to Jackson because it was in their service area and the building was what they were looking for.

Kathy Goetz, Applied Biochemists sales coordinator, said “it was just sticks in the ground” when they took out the lease, so they worked with Design 2 Construct to accommodate their needs. The business manufactures algaecides and herbicides for surface water, according to its website.

Co-owner Joe Bremberger works with Matt Sevcik of Ricoh, an office imaging company, at B&L Graphics Tuesday morning in Jackson.
Photo by John Ehlke

Co-Owner Tim Luetschwager works on an HP Scitex FB500 printer at B&L Graphics Tuesday morning in Jackson. Luetschwager said they can print a door with the machine.
Photo by John Ehlke

Down the hall in the same suite was the office of Jim Kannenberg, Marine Biochemists’ Midwest regional manager. “It was a lucky day,” he said of their Nov. 13 move-in, adding phones and other features worked though “they were touching up paint a bit.”

Marine Biochemists function is to enhance water health. Some of its specialties are treating algae and aquatic weeds, along with stocking fish, mapping lakes and ponds and installing aeration equipment and fountains. The suite is a great fit, Kannenberg said while looking at the warehouse portion of their space — a space to store boats, fountains and aeration equipment.

“It’s a nice facility and it’s near the highway,” Kannenberg said.

The business park is east and north of the intersection of highways 45 and 60. Kannenberg’s new neighbors agreed the building is at a convenient crossroad.

The exterior of a new building that includes five suites is seen Tuesday at Northwest Business Park in the village of Jackson.
Photo by John Ehlke

“When we were first looking about a year and a half ago,” Luetschwager said, “every building was full.” They committed to the space before seeing the building.

WESCO, a division of Carlton-Bates Co., will be the third to open in the Delaney V building after moving from Cedarburg.

With the boom in Jackson, the two of five remaining suites may not be open for long.

“I think a large part is due to the economy coming around,” Egan said. “Now that things seem a little better, they are making a move.”

Construction worker Jason Groves of Nashville, Tenn. sweeps an area in the Delaney V building at Northwest Business Park Tuesday morning in Jackson. Of its five suites, three have been filled.
Photo by John Ehlke

Including Delaney V, two other significant buildings went up in 2015, Micech said. CNR Group opened its 20,000-square-foot facility in October behind the Delaney building. In 2015, Custom Logistics moved out of a 20,000-square-foot building to its 50,000-square-foot facility. It assembles recreational vehicles like motorcycles and wave runners. Earlier in the year, Quest Engineering (formerly Quest Cabinets) moved to the park.

Micech said there was only one major build in 2014 (Infinity EDM’s 50,000-square-foot facility) and there is already one building on track for 2016. Micech did not have details Tuesday.

“It was a very good year for new construction, industrial-type construction,” Micech said.

There are lots for sale in Northwest Business Park but what happens if Delaney V fills up?

“We are a development company and as they fill up we build another one,” Egan said.

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