Marshfield Clinic to seek membership in ‘abouthealth’

Special to The Freeman

Dec. 18, 2014

APPLETON — The Board of Directors of the Marshfield Clinic announced Thursday that it wants to seek membership in abouthealth, a strategic health care partnership, after a vote on Dec. 12.

Other members in abouthealth are Aspirus, Aurora Health Care, Bellin Health, Gundersen Health System, ProHealth Care, ThedaCare and UW Health. The partnership strives to make high-quality, efficient care accessible to approximately 90 percent of Wisconsinites and their neighbors in parts of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota. According to the announcement, the members have the same electronic health record platforms, and offer patients access to 47 hospitals and more than 7,000 providers.

In the coming weeks, the abouthealth Board of Managers will study Marshfield Clinic Health System, according to the announcement.

“While no decisions have been made, we are excited to examine this potential opportunity to include Marshfield Clinic Health System in abouthealth,” according to the announcement from abouthealth members.