Hot pink truck to offer cool summertime treats
Former Bodway’s owner creates Twisted Sisters Ice Cream truck

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

April 29, 2015

Chloe, 2, and Caitlin Bodway, 5 stand in the family ice cream truck on Monday.    
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA - Looking to bring back the safe, old-fashioned fun of an ice cream truck for his young daughters, Tony Bodway decided to launch Twisted Sisters Ice Cream Co. this summer.

Since he sold Bodway’s Live Music Grill in downtown Waukesha in 2012, Bodway said he has been spending more time with his family, including daughters Caitlin, 5, and Chloe, 2, and recognized the lack of an ice cream truck he could trust in the area.

“Our ice cream stuff has been imported from Milwaukee in old ratty trucks,” he said. Like many others, Bodway said he had a childhood memory of getting sweet, cold treats during the warm months. He also found it hard to track down the ice cream trucks that zoomed through Waukesha.

Bodway believed that if he started his own ice cream truck, he and his daughters could avoid the hassles.

Two years ago, Bodway bought a truck and has been working on it since then. It’s in a cotton candy hot pink and has a window for taking orders.

“I think it’s going to be something great,” Bodway said. “I wanted to build one that raised the bar to the top. I want something cool for the community.”

Monica and Tony Bodway with daughters Chloe, 2 and Caitlin, 5 with the family ice cream truck on Monday.   
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

He also wants it to be a nice truck with uniformed workers.

“I want to bring back nice, family-friendly ice cream trucks for the community,” Bodway said. “It’s something fun that we are starting out doing locally.”

Twisted Sisters Ice Cream’s first event will be May 9. The ice cream truck is available for private events, such as birthdays, parties and weddings. Bodway then plans to start driving through neighborhoods for curbside sales Memorial Day weekend. In the future, Twisted Sisters Ice Cream may also make appearances at downtown Waukesha events.

A decal on the Bodways' pink ice cream truck.  
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

Bodway is still working on getting all of his permits from the city and state and having the truck lettered. The pink truck’s cargo will include treats such as Drumsticks, red, white and blue bomber pops, root beer float popsicle, snow cones and fun-shaped novelty ice cream such as Ironman and Sponge Bob.

Eventually, Bodway said, it would be nice to have a signature, unique item such as gelato cups.

In the beginning, Bodway said, it will just be him and his daughters taking the truck out on nice weekends. For now, you can find Twisted Sister Ice Cream at and in the future at