Development planned for vacant Washington Avenue site

By Denise Seyfer - News Graphic Staff

Aug. 13, 2015

A new development planned on the south end of Washington Avenue in Cedarburg could house retail shops and a restaurant. 
Submitted drawing

CEDARBURG — Concord Development owner Andrew Petzold plans to build a multitenant building just south of the Walgreens drug store in Cedarburg.

The city’s Plan Commission last week unanimously approved the plan and a conditional use permit for a restaurant that would occupy a northern space.

The vacant parcel and the once-vacant Walgreens lot on Washington Avenue and Zeunert Street were created by combining several non-conforming lots into two buildable ones, said City Planner Jon Censky, adding that access and drainage requirements were initially addressed for both lots when the Walgreens project was developed.

The approximate 7,000square-foot development consists of a multi-tenant building that will be set back from Washington Avenue by about 148 feet. It will include 27 parking stalls at the front of the building and an additional 21 parking spaces in the back. Plans also detailed a one-way traffic lane that would extend from the front parking lot along the south end of the building and wrap around the east end, ultimately leading to a drive-thru window on the north side of the building.

Architectural plans showed a complementary design to the Walgreens building with a matching color scheme and with a similar design and use of materials.

“They propose an attractive brick building with accenting stone material at the corners and limestone CMU concrete block above,” according to the plans.

Further, pre-finished bronze aluminum canopies would sit above the entryways and dark spandrel glass windows will dominate the western elevations.

Concord Development included an outdoor seating area for the restaurant at the northwest corner in its plans that would be enclosed by a 48-inch high dark bronze decorative fence.

Exterior lighting will include three pole-mount fixtures in the front and two in the back lot. Three wall-mounted fixtures will illuminate the building. Other lighting will include sconce lights, surface lights under the entrance awnings and decorative wall lights, the plans showed.

A shared drive with Walgreens is planned, which will allow access at the north end and combine with the Citgo Super Sales gas station to the south.

Commissioners and city staff recommended approval subject to the following conditions:

Engineering department review and approval of the grading, drainage and erosion control plans.

City Building Inspector review and approval of the signage plan.

The building shall have a fire alarm system installed throughout.

Parking stalls shall be 180 square feet in size.

The curbing at the south driveway shall be extended to the back of the sidewalk along Washington Avenue.

Impact fees will be due at the time of building permit issuance.

Currently, Petzold is seeking retailers interested in leasing 7,057 square feet of vacant space, which could at a minimum be divided into 1,449-square-foot sections, according to a recent advertisement.

The development would offer a direct, private entrance, wall signage and monument signage on Washington Avenue.

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