Hartland River Walk Apartments plans reduced in size
Questions raised about adequate parking

By Katherine Michalets - Special to The Freeman

Dec. 9, 2014

HARTLAND - Revised plans for the proposed downtown River Walk Apartments include fewer units and parking spots, but at least one village trustee Monday was concerned that there was not enough parking.

Village Administrator David Cox said the Plan Commission asked the developer, Joe McCormick, to revise the plans to include fewer units and to move the buildings to permit more landscaping and buffering from the residential neighborhood.

Instead of 89 apartment units, the plans for River Walk Apartments now include 77 units. Three buildings are still proposed. One would replace the existing commercial strip mall, which would be demolished. A new building consisting of a first floor with commercial space and a second floor with three apartment units would be built in the old building’s place, but instead would be parallel with East Capitol Drive, Cox said.

Also, changes have been made to the buildings’ facade to make them better complement the residential neighborhood, he said.

Trustee Ann Wallschlager asked about the number of handicap parking spots in the plans, saying she only identified three on the main level and none in the underground parking.

Cox said making sure the adequate ratio of handicap parking spots is met would be part of the plan approval process and review by village staff.

Wallschlager also wondered if even enough parking was included in the plans to meet the needs of the River Walk Apartments’ residents, as well as the customers for the commercial building.

Village President David Lamerand said there has been some cooperation from neighboring U.S. Bank and there might be a possibility to use part of a parcel the business owns.

Cox said after the plans are again reviewed by the Plan Commission on Dec. 15, the village will be closer to taking action on the project and moving it forward. Additional information from the developer is still forthcoming. A public hearing will be held as part of the Dec. 22 Village Board meeting.

The board approved amendments to an ordinance relating to tobacco sales and gifts. Previously the city code only referred to tobacco products as being prohibited to sell to underage persons, but has now been expanded to include nicotine products. A definition of nicotine products is included in the ordinance and includes a product that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for sale as a smoking cessation product and a vegetable, fruit or other food product that naturally contains nicotine.