BBB warns about work scam targeting college students

Special to The Freeman

Jan. 27, 2015

MILWAUKEE — The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning about a work-from-home scam that is targeting college students.

According to the organization, a person would receive an email to her school email account offering her a job in a company’s payroll or human resources department. The work is simple requiring the recipient to receive a “payroll deposit” from the company to her personal bank account, according to the BBB. Then, the student would transfer the money to other accounts.

“Don’t do it! Not only is this ‘job’ not what is seems, it’s actually a crime. If you take the position, you will be assisting cyber criminals in transferring stolen money. If you participate, your bank account will be flagged for criminal activity, and you could be prosecuted,” according to the BBB.

Read the full alert on the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center website,