Koehler Insurance sold to Ansay
Little will change with the longtime Cedarburg firm – including iconic window

By Melanie Boyung - News Graphic Staff

Nov. 19, 2015

The window at Koehler Insurance, at the corner of Washington Avenue and Columbia Road, will continue to showcase community events.
Photo by Mark Justesen

CEDARBURG — The ownership may have changed, but Koehler Insurance in downtown Cedarburg fully intends to continue bringing the same level of service to its community.

Koehler Insurance – a company that has been in Cedarburg for more than 50 years, according to its vice president, Kevin Gall – has been acquired by Ansay & Associates. Ansay is a regional insurance and benefits solutions agency. Both companies are independent, family-owned insurance agencies

Gall said that the acquisition is not causing any loss of staff or services in the Koehler office. Koehler will continue to offer insurance advising and aid to Cedarburg as it has always done, and the operations of the company will not really change because of the acquisition.

“We’re committed to staying in Cedarburg,” Gall said.

A press release from Ansay said that adding Koehler to the company gives Ansay more than 200 employees in nine offices, including Port Washington, where Ansay & Associates was founded. The addition of the Koehler company moves Ansay forward in its goal to become a statewide insurance and benefits advisor.

“This expansion will help us achieve our goal of enabling sustained, profitable growth to deliver better products and services to our customers,” said Tom Schaetz, president and COO of Ansay & Associates.

Gall said also that while Koehler will continue to operate in Cedarburg as it has always done, being a part of the Ansay team will enhance Koehler’s services. He said that Ansay, being a larger company, has a wider array of resources that Koehler Insurance will now have access to.

“We are optimistic in our recent partnership with Ansay & Associates,” said Chad Koehler, Koehler Insurance CEO, in a press release. “Currently, we represent and value the same insurance companies as Ansay, and coming together will strategically help in providing us with greater and more valuable resources.”