Café de Arts moving to new St. Paul Ave. location

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Oct. 1, 2015

The former St. Paul Pub has been purchased by the owner of Café de Arts, which will be moving into the building. 
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA - It will be a bittersweet move for Ayhan and Gulten Munzur and their café shop Café de Arts in early 2016, but Ayhan said he is excited to expand his business’s offerings and to have a larger space to call his own.

For about seven years, Café de Arts has been located in the bright purple building with a sunflower painted upon it at 136 E. St. Paul Ave. When the Munzurs learned the building was for sale, Ayhan said he decided to look around and found the former St. Paul Pub, 830 W. St. Paul Ave. He said he feels it will be a good location and will allow them to improve their business by offering more space for coffee roasting and to provide room for barista classes.

“We are going to take it to the next level,” Munzur said.

He said there is going to be a third wave of coffee appreciation. The first was when people started making coffee at home. Now, the third wave will be people getting educated about coffee and how to make it.

In its new location, Café de Arts will still have its bakery and coffee menu, but Munzur said there will be some additional foods.

“It is going to be sad to leave this place,” he said of the purple house. “(But) it’s a business and we have to move forward and it will be our own place.”

Café de Arts will be moving from the iconic flower house on the corner of St. Paul Avenue and Brook Street to the site of the former St. Paul Pub.
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

The location near Waukesha Memorial Hospital appealed to Munzur, although he said it’s unfortunate that GE will be shutting down part of its operation across the street. He hopes that something new will go into the manufacturing facility.

Munzur said they gave landlord Jeff Seymour a three-month notice and he anticipates it taking about two months to work on the new building. He is hoping for an opening at the start of 2016 and doesn’t plan for there to be any time when the café is completely closed.

He said the catchphrase may be “new year, new place.”