Firm offers hiring help
Employment Readiness Solutions opens in Germantown

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

April 29, 2015

Job Developer Ann Gabor and owner Carol Smith in the conference room near the office of Employment Readiness Solutions business Tuesday afternoon in Germantown. Gabor and Smith help individuals that are directed to them by the state and help them find a job.  
Photo by John Ehlke

GERMANTOWN — To help people navigate through the challenging world of obtaining a job or changing careers, Employment Readiness Solutions opened in Germantown.

Owner Carol Smith opened Employment Readiness Solutions in Waukesha in 2007, and in January expanded to Germantown (W175N11163 Stonewood Drive).

“There’s a couple of different parts to what Employment Readiness Solutions does,” Smith said. “I have a private pay practice as a job and career transition coach. I work with individuals who are career changers or possible job changers.”

Smith offers a Personal Resource Guide, similar to a portfolio.

“It helps a person put together their work life based on a skill set or attribute they have, so they’re more prepared to put together a resume or interview,” Smith said. Smith also works with students.

“I love working with high school students and college students,” she said. “Understanding the world of work. How they can best present themselves to an employer, so they can get a job that’s best for them and the employer. This office was opened to get more of that work.”

The plaque and Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce plaque outside the offices of Job Developer Ann Gabor of Employment Readiness Solutions business Tuesday afternoon in Germantown.   
Photo by John Ehlke

Smith also takes referrals from the state’s Department of Workforce Development to assist people with job placement.

“I opened that office because I work in Washington and Ozaukee counties for that reason,” Smith said. “I’m not a staffing service. The work we take to the state they hire us specifically to place people in employment.”

Smith also contacts businesses to see if they might have hiring opportunities.

The city of West Bend’s Finance Department used Employment Readiness Solutions services.

Carrie Winklbauer, West Bend finance administrator, said the department started using it at the end of May to assist in cleaning a storage vault area.

Steve Volkert, West Bend assistant city administrator, said a representative from Employment Readiness Solutions approached the city.

“We were able to obtain a custodian and later some office assistants,” Volkert said. “With the custodian we were able to receive three weeks of training paid by the service to make sure the employee was going to work out for us.”

Winklbauer said the Finance Department’s experience with Employment Readiness Solutions was excellent.

“We have been able to give individuals the office experience that they were looking for,” Winklbauer said. “The Finance Department has been able to cleanup the vault storage area with this project as well.”

Businesses also hire her to work with people they’re laying off and helps them get a job.

Smith said she works with all ages and all backgrounds. The most popular service is general coaching, she said.

“Guiding that person to federal and state resources online and private job boards they might not be aware of,” Smith said.

Smith said she got into this field because she worked in the workforce development system on the Waukesha County Technical College campus for about 12 years.

“I just thought it was a time for a private alternative to the public workforce system,” Smith said on why she branched out. “I like creating my own curriculums and programs. I’ve developed a lot of my own methodologies overtime.”

Smith enjoys client feedback.

“The rewarding part is when we get the intended results, so when I get the results people hire me for that’s fantastic,” Smith said.

Smith said she would encourage residents to consider Employment Readiness Solutions because she’s been in the workforce development business for about 20 years and has witnessed a lot of scenarios.

“I’m not going to say I’ve seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot,” Smith said. “With the volume of people I’ve worked with over the years I pretty much work with every scenario — from an individual who hasn’t graduated from high school or has a master’s degree or a disability. Whatever the situation might be I’ve been exposed to such a wide variety of backgrounds and scenarios.”

“Employers have the benefit of knowing I’m not just referring a name and a resume, but I’m referring somebody I’ve gotten to know,” she added. “Even those who feel stuck. I love working with people who feel like they’re stuck. A young person stuck in an entry level job or an adult stuck in a career area or wage.”

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