Lakefront Brewery announces expansion plans

Freeman Staff

August 21, 2014

MILWAUKEE - Lakefront Brewery, Inc. on Wednesday announced it had accepted an offer to buy land at 1890 N. Commerce St. and plans to expand its facility.

Lakefront owner Russ Klisch said the plan is to build a new facility as soon as financially feasible. The brewery would relocate its packaging lines and additional fermentation tanks at the new facility. The vacated space at the current facility, located at 1872 N. Commerce St., would be used for barrel aging.

Klisch said the move is being driven by increased demand. Lakefront currently brews 40,000 per year and has doubled production over the last two years.

“We are taking a very measured approach to expansion, and acquiring this land is an initial step,” Klisch said. “However, the craft beer market just continues to grow and we need to expand production or we won’t be able to keep up with demand.”

The new facility could add 40 full-time positions. Lakefront has also begun expanding its warehouse facilities at 218 E. Keefe Ave. That expansion could add up to 30 jobs.

Started in 1987, Lakefront now distributes its products in 35 states, Japan, Korea and Canada.

Terms of the sale were not immediately disclosed.