Lotus Be Well
4 women bring serenity, balance to Hartford


Nov. 25, 2015

Energy medicine specialist Tricia Hoehn holds a nostril tube used for the oxygen bar at Lotus Be Well on Tuesday morning in Hartford.
Photo by John Ehlke

HARTFORD — Four women have created a place of comfort that has rejuvenated a downtown storefront and is designed to rejuvenate customers’ spirits and health. The innovative wellness and beauty salon, Lotus Be Well, opened in October.

“I like the behavior of the lotus,” said Teresa Lopez, co-owner and licensed practical nurse. “At night it retreats to the water for restoration and in the morning it emerges and blossoms and, it’s renewal.”

The owners are Julie Bernarde of Richfield, Trish Hoehn of Slinger, Lopez of Lake Geneva and Elizabeth Palmer of West Bend. Together, they offer about 40 services.

“We focus on the restoration and the renewal of one’s self and body from a wellness perspective that’s supportive,” Lopez said.

Beauty specialist Julie Bernarde stands outside her office Tuesday.
Photo by John Ehlke

Walking into Lotus Be Well provides a treat for the senses. Aroma fills the room and soft grays and whites accent modern light fixtures and elegant decor. Lopez laughs as she says, “There are free smells here.”

To the right of the front counter is an aromatherapy oxygen bar. At the bar, aromatic oxygen is pumped through a breathing tube into a customer’s nose. The person is seated on a reclining Biomat. These are developed by NASA and feature heat, negative ions and amethyst crystals to help the body relax and de-stress. The oxygen bar experience can help with migraines, hangovers and headaches, Hoehn said.

The center of the room is a gathering area and there are three multi-sensory power nap stations to the left. Customers recline on beds with Biomats in a secluded nap area and are surrounded by aromatherapy, music therapy and tachyon energy. “We try to hit you from every angle,” Lopez said. Though the “naps” are usually a half-hour, customers come out energized and feeling like they’ve had hours of deep sleep, Hoehn added.

The exterior of Lotus Be Well seen Tuesday morning in Hartford.
Photo by John Ehlke

Beyond the nap area is a room for vitamin D light therapy. The units incorporate red light with anti-aging benefits, and blue light therapy to boost moods.

The oxygen bar, light therapy and power naps are self-serve and customers can purchase memberships to use them.

“We like having something different and highly effective that people are going to say, ‘This is so profound,’ and they go and tell their friends and family,” Hoehn said.

A table and chairs makes up a portion of the adjoining area, where nutritional services are offered. Palmer, a behavioral wellness education, leads classes on cooking natural and nutritious meals.

Other specialized rooms surround the dining area.

Lopez’s focus is lymphatic decongestion with oxygenation, live and dry blood microscopy, medicupping, reflexology and loomis enzymes. The purpose of another of her specialties, the raindrop technique, addresses a number of wellness areas including fighting bacteria, muscle tension and fatigue.

One of the waiting tables in the front of Lotus Be Well Tuesday morning in Hartford. 
Photo by John Ehlke

“After once receiving the raindrop, people have an overall feeling of balance and well being and the oils are high frequency so it really gives a boost to the immune system,” Lopez said, adding once someone has it, they come back. “There are diehards.”

In medicupping, Lopez places oil on the skin and glides a suction cup across a portion or all of the body, depending on what the customer requests. Bernarde is an esthetician with more than 20 years of experience in skin care, makeup artistry and modeling.

She provides chemical peels, facials and “anything that has to do with the skin.” One service is skintightening therapy using micro-needling with Rejuvapen, which enhances collagen production. It helps remove acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, age spots and works on the entire body, not just the face, Bernarde said.

“Everybody wants to be healthy and look good and I think doing everything from the inside out and people are looking for that,” she said.

 “We focus on the restoration and the renewal of one’s self and body from a wellness perspective that’s supportive.”
– Teresa Lopez 

Photo by John Ehlke

Lotus Be Well provides a needed service in the community, she said. A woman who was tired of medications and going to the doctor stopped at Lotus Be Well on Monday to learn about it. “We are here to help people who are frustrated and not getting their health concerns taken care of,” Bernarde said.

Hoehn specializes in correcting imbalances in the energy system. She can run a computer program to evaluate priorities in a wellness treatment. She then sets up a plan that may include essential oils, dietary or lifestyle changes and more. She does not diagnose diseases but looks “upstream” to get to an issue before it becomes too problematic. She can provide a path toward wellness through supplements and other therapeutic services.

“Energetic imbalance is a precursor to physical issues,” she said.

Standing together by Hoehn’s office near the gathering area Tuesday, Hoehn, Lopez and Bernarde shared their insight. They agree that be it western medicine, alternative or natural, “your health is your choice,” Bernarde said. Everyone should know their options and pick what they feel is best, they agreed.

Essential oils, herbal remedies, Biomats and energized supplements are sold at the business.

For more information on Lotus Be Well, stop in for a tour, visit www.lotusbewell.com or call 262-457-2222.

“Everyone who walks through the door loves the space,” Hoehn said. “They could feel the energy and they want to come back.”

Palmer was not available for comment Tuesday.

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