Nationwide flag manufacturer stops sales/production of Confederate flag

By Anne Matteucci - Special to the Freeman

June 24, 2015

OAK CREEK – Eder Flag Manufacturing Co. will no longer be selling or manufacturing the Confederate flag, as recently decided by its board of directors.

Currently Eder Flag Manufacturing Co. services over five thousand customers and sells over twenty thousand different products.

The company’s decision to stop producing the Confederate flag had much to do with upholding its family legacy.

A small business launched by seven brothers more than 100 years ago has grown to become America’s largest manufacturer of both flags and flagpoles.

Originally launched as Eder Manufacturing Co. in 1887, the company focused on making pillows, felt pennants, rag dolls and hunting jackets.

From there, the flag-making business was launched and incorporated America’s Finest Flag Makers Since 1893 in 1903.

As time went on, Eder Flag added to its product line, providing many different types of flags, flagpoles and accessories. The company established itself as a leader in quality and variety of products.

Eventually Eugene, son of one of the original seven founders, acquired Eder Flag Manufacturing Co. in 1957 after serving in WWII and receiving a law degree from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.  He served as its leader for more than 50 years.

“Eugene Eder, our company’s former, long-time owner, fought in World War II against the forces of bigotry, hatred and tyranny.” said Jodi Goglio, Chief Operating Officer of Eder Flag Manufacturing, Co. “Mr. Eder’s primary reason to own and operate Eder Flag after serving in the

U.S. Navy was to produce American flags, a symbol of freedom and opportunity.”

But that’s not the only reason they removed the confederate flag from production.

The recent events in Charleston, S.C., and the motivating factors behind those events, coupled with Eder’s legacy, led to the company’s decision to no longer manufacture or sell those types of flags.

And Eder isn’t the only national corporation to ban the Confederate flag.

Walmart, Amazon, eBay and Sears all announced bans on the sale of Confederate flag merchandise after the recent shooting in Charleston.

“Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives in Charleston.” Goglio said. “Our hope moving forward is that all communities are able to live together in unity so that everyone can experience the freedom and opportunity for which Mr. Eder and so many other veterans fought.”

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