Helping women achieve good financial health
Noordyk provides knowledge and practical tools for empowerment

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

April 4, 2015

Rhonda Noordyk in an area designed for stress-free discussions of financial matters at the Women’s Financial Wellness Center. 
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff 

CITY OF PEWAUKEE - For Rhonda Noordyk, being an entrepreneur means living your passion and having the flexibility to design your life the way you want it.

In her case, that passion is helping to alleviate the financial vulnerability of women, especially for those who are single, divorced or going through a divorce, and widowed.

As the founder of the Women’s Financial Wellness Center in the City of Pewaukee, Noordyk consults with women and connects them with specialists to help them in such areas as creating a budget or estate planning. At the Wellness Center, women can also get financial coaching and attend programs such as the upcoming New Beginnings workshop for recently divorced women or women going through divorce.

Noordyk defines financial wellness as “the state of being in good financial health especially as a result of deliberate effort.” She said women achieve this state of being at her center by learning how to change their mindset about money. She strives to provide them with knowledge and practical tools and empower them to make solid financial decisions with confidence.

Last year, Noordyk participated in the Think Global Institute, which helps women by providing intense business coaching and mentoring. Based on what she learned through that experience, Noordyk said she took her idea for a financial coaching business and tweaked it to solidify the brand and idea.

She opened her Roundy Drive office in October and the response to the business has already exceeded her expectations.

By creating an office with neutral colors and feminine touches, Noordyk said she wanted to create a place where clients would have a good experience and she could gain their trust.

A major component of the Women’s Financial Wellness Center is workshops. A popular program that meets the third Thursday of every month is “Wine, Women and Wealth,” during which a specialist is brought in to discuss different topics.

The majority of the clients at the Women’s Financial Wellness Center are ages 35 to 65, not married and who want to get a handle on their money, but need guidance. Noordyk said often women defer financial responsibilities to a spouse and need help if he dies or the marriage ends.

“I saw them as being very vulnerable and wanted to be a trusted resource for them,” Noordyk said of divorced women.

Often married women don’t want to “rock the boat” by questioning the husband’s handling of finances, she said.

“They take comfort knowing someone else is taking care of it,” Noordyk said. Those women may be left without the knowledge or skills to properly handle their finances when they are again single.

By offering financial coaching, Noordyk said, she can help the client lay the foundation to make long-term decisions and changes. Creating a budget and having an advisor to hold the woman accountable and to offer guidance along the way is important for many of Noordyk’s clients. Her budget program has been very popular since it was launched in February, she said.

While many of the specialists and partners Noordyk works with through the Women’s Financial Wellness Center are women, men are also involved, but they need to have “the right heart to help women,” she said.