Putting around in Hartford
Brisingamen’s Indoor Miniature Golf opens on North Main Street

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

Dec. 31, 2014

 Molly Nehring, 9, and her sister Maddie, 6, of Germantown retrieve their golf balls from a neon decoration at Brisingamen’s Indoor Miniature Golf on Tuesday afternoon in Hartford. The course on North Main Street is in black light.
John Ehlke/Daily News

HARTFORD — Dianne Klabunde always wanted to own an amusement park, but has settled on opening an indoor miniature golf course in Hartford.

“You really can’t go to a bank and ask for a loan for that (an amusement park), so an indoor miniature golf course is feasible, especially in Wisconsin when you need to be able to operate all seasons,” Klabunde said.

Lucas Wetzel, Klabunde’s husband, said he thought it was an interesting idea when she told him she wanted to open an indoor miniature golf business.

“We would play mini golf all the time, so I was on board,” Wetzel said.

Their business, Brisingamen’s Indoor Miniature Golf, 64 N. Main St., also offers black light miniature golf. Parties, arcade games and snacks, like chips and soda, are also offered.

“The black light, the brilliance of the colors are very eye-catching,” Klabunde said. “It adds a fun touch for everyone, especially the younger kids.”

Klabunde said they stumbled across the miniature golf course in September and opened the business in November.

“There’s a gentleman that lives in Marion that owns a construction company and he built this course,” Klabunde said. “He used it for 14 months and sold it to us.”

 Lights flash across one of the holes at Brisingamen's Indoor Miniature Golf on Tuesday afternoon in Hartford. The course on N. Main Street is done in blacklight.
John Ehlke/Daily News

It took a whole weekend to assemble the course.

“We had to take out a window,” Klabunde said. “We had to have it shipped in a semitruck. We are able to get all of the courses in except two. We had to dismantle them, fold them in half and then get them through the door and put them back together within the store. It was crazy.”

Klabunde said the course is deceptive and a lot of the course features angles and geometry.

“You really have to think about where you’re going to putt before you do it,” Klabunde said. “We’re working on adding more holes.”

The name of the course, “Journey to Aegir’s Feast,” and the name of the business, Brisingamen’s Indoor Miniature Golf, come from Nordic or Viking lore.

“The Brisingamen is the necklace of one of the goddesses Freyja wears and her Nordic lore is it’s the most beautiful necklace of all,” Klabunde said. “It’s something very prominent in Nordic lore.”

There is also a scavenger hunt featuring Nordic lore. Ten questions are posted throughout the miniature golf course. and if the questions are answered correctly, two stamps on the player’s card. Ten stamps means a free game.

 Lucas Wetzel works at the cash register as customers finish up the back nine on the second floor at Brisingamen's Indoor Miniature Golf on Tuesday afternoon in Hartford.
John Ehlke/Daily News

Klabunde said “Journey to Aegir’s Feast” is about Aegir who is a giant of the sea and Thor, one of the gods, needs to procure a kettle for a feast with the Aegir. She said Thor was able to hook the largest beast of the sea.

“Parts of it are about the underwater and depth of the unknown,” Klabunde said.

“Soon we’ll get “Journey to Aegir’s Feast” put in pictures and we’ll have it along the walls so people can see the correlation of underwater and the Viking lore,” Kalbunde said.

Wetzel and Klabunde chose Hartford, where they live, because they want to invest in their community.

“One of the main goals that I have is for people to be excited about their downtown,” Klabunde said. “To be proud of their community.”

They also partner with other Hartford businesses — on Mondays and Wednesdays free popcorn from Scoop De Ville is given away for the first game played.

A biweekly sweepstakes is also featured, including a free raffle.

“We partner with small businesses throughout downtown,” Klabunde said. “We feature their business and we have coupons at their location so that our players can go there and get a reduced rate golf and in return we raffle off their merchandise.”

Klabunde said it’s important to support other businesses in downtown Hartford because she said they all need each other to survive.

“I believe almost none of us would be able to survive on our own and if we all work together, it creates more of a draw for people than just going it alone,” Klabunde said.

Teamwork was an important factor in the effort for Klabunde and Wetzel. Wetzel said everything he didn’t want to do, Klabunde did, and anything she didn’t want to do, he did. “I had to kind of push her to keep her on task at times,” Wetzel said. “If it wasn’t for both of us, this wouldn’t be here right now.”

Klabunde said the course is “a safe place to come. It’s inexpensive. I think it’s important to support your community.”

Brisingamen’s is open from 12:30-9 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

Call them at 262-744-4909 or visit www.brisingamensblacklight.com for information.