Judge puts restrictions on Foolery’s

Enterprise Staff

Sept. 3, 2015

OCONOMOWOC — Judge Timothy T. Kay has imposed a condition upon Foolery’s Liquid Therapy tavern and restaurant N52-W35091 W. Lake Drive, ordering that its managers, bartenders and employees maintain absolute sobriety while performing employment duties.

The order stemmed from Feb. 6 violation for being open after hours.

According to a release from the Lake Country Municipal Court, over the past several months, incidences of alcohol-related problems at Foolery’s Liquid Therapy increased.

Kay imposed the conditions to combat that increase.

The order was rendered May 22 and mandated the tavern’s liquor license be revoked for three days.

However, the revocation was stayed based upon two conditions, that there would be a review of the liquor license and any law violations during summer and at the end of summer. Had there been a violation, the tavern’s liquor license would have been revoked for a period of three consecutive days.

The second condition is managers, bartenders and employees must maintain absolute sobriety during working hours.

A judicial review was conducted in court on Aug. 28, with no reported violations.