Northwestern Mutual study shows majority of women equate happiness with success

Special to The Freeman

March 10, 2014

MILWAUKEE A recent Northwestern Mutual study polled women across America and found that nearly 85 percent view being happy as an integral component of success.


Those results are the cornerstone for the company's #WomanWithAPlan project, which celebrates Women's History Month this March. The initiative honors the achievements of ambitious women who have, and continue to, set and accomplish goals with passion and determination, according to a company statement.


"Making a plan and working toward your goals gives you control over your destiny," said Kimberley Goode, a Northwestern Mutual vice president. A woman with a plan and discipline can achieve great things be it planning for a strong financial future or making career moves and other choices for her family." 


Milwaukee-based Northwestern Mutual celebrates these women and hopes to underscore the importance of having a plan to meet and exceed personal, as well as professional goals, at every life stage, the statement said. The campaign will highlight the success of inspiring women, according to the statement.


Northwestern Mutual is a mutual company with $1.5 trillion in life insurance protection.