Jackson’s closed temporarily, thanks to ‘major staffing issues’

By Sarah Pryor - Freeman Staff

August 13, 2014

 Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub will be closed for about two weeks due to staffing issues.
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA - Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub on South Street is closed temporarily after owner Dan Zierath noticed “major staffing issues,” got rid of almost the entire staff and is now starting from scratch.

“I know the good things we’re doing at our Wauwatosa and downtown (Milwaukee) locations. I was out there (in Waukesha) Friday and it’s just not what we’re selling at all - especially the service,” Zierath said.

“We have had some major staffing issues and we’re worried about the integrity of our brand with service and food quality.”

Zierath said he and his brother are training new staff at the Tosa location, and when he feels they’re ready, Waukesha will reopen with the new staff. He’s hoping that will be within two weeks.

The Waukesha location is Jackson’s third, and it’s been open for about 10 months.

“Waukesha deserves better than they’re getting right now,” Zierath said.