Waukesha woman creates scarves for nursing mothers
Covers provide privacy, comfort

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Sept. 23, 2015

Kelley Sisko shows how her Baby Leche fashionable nursing cover opens to become a nursing coverup.
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA - As more mothers voice their opinion that breast-feeding in public should be more acceptable, Waukesha entrepreneur Kelley Sisko has created a product that makes it easier for mothers to nurse while maintaining a level of privacy.

Baby Leche was started while Sisko was breastfeeding her then-newborn Rowan. Sisko said she found herself having to sift through the diaper bag to find something to cover herself, so she thought it would be nice to create a fashionable product that she could wear all the time and use to create privacy when breast-feeding.

“Sometimes you feel like you are constantly feeding them,” she said from her Waukesha home. “It gives you some extra privacy when you are out and about.”

So she came up with an infinity scarf that is wider and with a hole for your head to create a hammock-like pouch for the baby. The Baby Leche scarf also more securely holds the baby in place.

 Baby Leche fashionable nursing covers.
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

Sisko’s friends all encouraged the idea. Her first scarf was made with fabric bought at a local store and sewn together, but Sisko recognized that if she were to make them for sale, she’d need to work with a professional, which she found in California. Having the scarves made in the United States was important to Sisko, and the material is colored in the U.S. as well.

Launched only last week, the Baby Leche website carries five colors of the muslin scarf. Sisko said she began forming her business in April, but it was a time-consuming process to create a website, labeling and to find the manufacturer.

The five colors are mint, marsala, gray, white and peach and each costs $40.

Currently the Baby Leche scarves are only available online for sale, but Sisko said she would like to eventually get them into stores and plans to attend baby product expos.

 Kelley Sisko wears one of her Baby Leche fashionable nursing covers as a scarf.
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

She said the scarves would make a great shower gift for a mother-to-be or an item a mother could buy herself for comfort. It also gives the mother the ability to feel fashionable when so often clothing options are limited when breast-feeding,  she said.

Sisko is running the business literally from her dining room table with the support of her husband Derek. The small family will soon be joined by a boy, who is due Wednesday.

“I always liked entrepreneurship. I wanted to create a product to help mothers,” she said.

While intended for breastfeeding, the Baby Leche scarf is versatile and can be used to cover a car seat or as a blanket.


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