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Coach comes full circle at Adversity

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

Oct. 1, 2014

Coach Dave Pauers helps eight-grade students with a volleyball drill in one of the four racquetball courts at the Adversity-Wisconsin Volleyball Club facility on Friday afternoon in Germantown.
Photos by John Ehlke

GERMANTOWN — About 16 years ago David Pauers began coaching volleyball in a building on Carnegie Drive. Now he’s come full circle opening a state-of-the-art volleyball training facility in part of that same building.

Pauers opened Adversity Training Center at N113W18750 Carnegie Drive. The center is for Adversity-Wisconsin Volleyball Club members. Its season starts today. Tryouts are today through Friday for grades six-eight and tryouts for grades nine-12 start Nov. 15. Practice starts Dec. 1 and teams compete January through May and go to nationals in June.

The building where Adversity Training Center is used to be a large volleyball training facility. Pauers met three students and started a program in their house in Cedarburg and Adversity-Wisconsin VBC has grown to more than 200 students.

Pauers said he was running programs out of schools and facilities in Brookfield, Delafield and had a team in Jackson. He said he was at the mercy of those facilities’ schedules.

“After 16 years we just said we want to have full run over scheduling and no longer deal with months and months on end of scheduling conflicts and writing 4 million checks,” Pauers said.

Marked volleyballs at the Adversity-Wisconsin Volleyball Club facility
on Friday afternoon in Germantown.

Photos by John Ehlke

Germantown was the perfect location because it’s close to all those places.

The Adversity facility is for students ages 8-18 and the training includes developmental programs for grades 3-5, summer instructional programs for grades 6-8, positional training for children 6-12 and invite only camps in August. Pauers said Adversity-Wisconsin VBC club prepares students for middle school, high school and beyond.

There are seven instructors during club season, which is December through June, and five instructors for the summer program and developmental training.

Amy Quinn of Delafield brings her 11- and 14-yearold daughters to the training center. She said she loves Pauers’ enthusiasm.

“My kids love to be coached by him,” Quinn said. “It’s a little bit of a drive for us, but it’s well worth it.”

She said Pauers does a great job of being prepared, he’s good at encouraging kids and makes them feel good about their efforts.

Seeing smiles on children's faces is one of the most rewarding parts of being a coach for Pauers.

The volleyball courts during a clinic for eighth-grade girls at the Adversity-Wisconsin Volleyball Club facility on Friday afternoon in Germantown.
Photos by John Ehlke

“The feeling of seeing a kid be successful,” Pauers said. “Seeing them walk out of there with their head held high even if they struggled within that hour session or two hour session. Probably the other rewarding thing is hearing where the success is after they leave your program.”

Pauers said volleyball builds confidence, agility, coordination and teaches them responsibility.

“Responsibility is a huge one with us,” Pauers said. “Our kids don’t just show up on time. They show up 15 minutes early.”

Quinn said volleyball is a team sport, but there’s a lot of individual goals students can set for themselves.

Coach Dave Pauers works with eighth-grade girls during a clinic at the Adversity-Wisconsin Volleyball Club facility on Friday afternoon in Germantown.
Photos by John Ehlke

Pauers is leasing 10,000 square feet in Wisconsin Expo Inc. and renovating the space into a volleyball training facility proved to be challenging.

It took almost six months to renovate the facility and it includes two courts with international lines, a 23-foot ceiling, Snap Sports Revolution flooring, Sports Imports professional net systems, Molten Junior Olympic volleyballs and training aids.

Basically everything from the walls, to the new sport lighting, to the brand new courts, new net systems, everything is brand new,” Pauers said.

Pauers is also leasing one of the racquetball courts to be utilized as a mini-training area. Pauers said serving drills, set and release drills and defensive drills are held in the small space.

Before Adversity Training Center was built instructors had to bring their own equipment and spend 20 minutes setting up the nets.

“Now our kids have access to a place where they train twice a week, but they can pretty much get unlimited training as soon as they make one of the teams,” Pauers said.

The name Adversity comes from Pauers’ experience because he left a 13-year teaching career to start Adversity-Wisconsin VBC.

He said he started coaching 16 years ago and shortly after that he was building a resume for teaching. Five years ago he saw the opportunity to start his own club.

“We’ve all been in situations where you may or may not want to give up in your life,” Pauers said. “You may have had a situation where there’s people who don’t believe in you or they’re not as confident as you may be in yourself.”

Pauers said volleyball is growing by leaps and bounds in Wisconsin and he has a three year plan to expand Adversity Training Center.

Pauers would like to add bleachers, host their own tournaments, create sand volleyball courts outside the facility, increase their staff and the number of students.

For information, including fees, visit www.adversitywisconsin.org.