The Potter’s Shop to move out of downtown at year’s end

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Dec. 10, 2015

WAUKESHA - For 10 years, The Potter’s Shop has been located in downtown Waukesha, but due to growth the store and studio will move to a larger space about a mile-and-a-half away.

Owner Vince Muehlbauer said it will be sad to leave the downtown area, but The Potter’s Shop’s needs outgrew what the space at 335 W. Main St. could handle.

The business will close at the end of December and move to the former Cyclesmith location at 1314 S. West Ave., close to Sunset Drive.

The new location also offers more parking for studio members and customers. The supply area of the business has expanded considerably, Muehlbauer said, necessitating a warehouse and a forklift. The storefront on Main Street isn’t able to accommodate either of those needs.

Muehlbauer, who has owned the business for about four years, said classes will be offered starting the second week of January in the new location. He hopes to have the doors of The Potter’s Shop open  during the first week of January.

At the end of October, one of The Potter’s Shops distributors, Standard Ceramic Supply, purchased A.R.T. Studio Clay Company, Inc., based in Sturtevant. Due to that acquisition, The Potter’s Shop took over the servicing of Wisconsin A.R.T. customers.

Ultimately, Muehlbauer said it has been the close-knit community of potters who use the shop that has really helped the business to grow. Those potters bring in family and friends and keep The Potter’s Shop growing.

On West Avenue, The Potter’s Shop will have expanded class options, bigger classrooms and can host community workshops. There will also still be a studio member gallery in the business.