Man crosses the seas, returns to West Bend to share CrossFit
High-intensity workouts

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

July 30, 2014

Trainer Alex Kain leads a group during a free trial class in crossfit training on
Tuesday evening in West Bend.

Photo by John Ehlke

West Bend resident Alex Kain learned about Cross-Fit, an intense workout program, when he spent five years in New Zealand coaching the national cheerleading team. He returned to West Bend and hopes to change people’s lives with his business.

A1 CrossFit, 1240 Lang St., is opening this week and Kain, who is a certified CrossFit instructor with a master’s degree in exercise science, said it’s a workout that prioritizes health.

“You do a lot of different activities and movements that you can find in everyday life,” Kain said. “And it helps not only improving your overall well-being whether it’s trying to become more fit, increasing strength and increasing flexibility, but then it also helps in the scheme of decreasing risk factors from diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure that come into play when you’re considered not healthy.”

There is one-on-one training, but CrossFit is suited for the classroom and offers a community atmosphere.

“The last person finishing is as important as the first person finishing,” Kain said. “Everyone is holding each other accountable for the workout.”

“The workouts are so intense it really creates a strong emotional connection between everybody that does it as well,” he said. “You get to know everybody in the class. It’s not just about getting a workout. You’re getting a workout and so much more.”

Joe Remillard of West Bend works on a dead lift during a free trial class.
Photo by John Ehlke

The classes are one hour. Start-up classes, when Kain teaches students the nine fundamental exercises of CrossFit, last six weeks.

The next level includes a warmup, strength development to work on fundamental movements and then students complete the Workout of the Day — WOD.

“That’s where the whole intensity part of CrossFit comes in,” Kain said. “The definition of CrossFit is constantly varied high-intensity functional movement.”

In WOD, students complete three of the nine fundamental movements. It’s timed.

“Everyone sets off to do the workouts as fast as they can,” he said. “The first person who finishes is cheering on and rooting for the people who are still working to finish.”

Crowds gather outside the gym area for a free trial class in crossfit training on Tuesday evening in West Bend. Crossfit combines different physical activity that covers different training
including muscle and cardio. 

Photo by John Ehlke

Joe Remillard of West Bend said he’s known Kain since high school.

“I’ve always been an athlete,” Remillard said. “The first few workouts have been intense. It’s very unique. For one it’s challenging.”

He said Kain almost acts like a personal trainer.

“First off, he knows his stuff. When he puts his mind to something he goes after it,” Remillard said.

Kain said he moved back to West Bend in February after living in New Zealand for five years. He decided he’d spent enough time in New Zealand and wanted to come back, but noticed there wasn’t a CrossFit.

“I thought this is a community that’s dying to have this great exercise — this great life-changing experience,” Kain said.

Trey Guidry of Houston, Texas smiles as he stretches before a free trial class in crossfit training on Tuesday evening in West Bend.  
Photo by John Ehlke

When Kain told his mother, Dale Stockhausen, that he was going to open a gym she said it was wonderful.

Kain said CrossFit is for all ages and Stockhausen encouraged people at her age to learn CrossFit.

“It’s going to keep you fit and strong,” Stockhausen said.

She said CrossFit keeps people strong to a point they won’t hurt themselves.

Kain said the most rewarding part of being a CrossFit instructor is changing people’s lives.

“CrossFit is a subculture not many people know about,” Kain said. “When you get into CrossFit you can’t get enough of it. I got hooked four years ago and I haven’t been able to look back sense.”

“I never once considered doing anything differently. I want to share that with people. I want people to realize how life changing it can be,” he said.

Kain said there are free classes this Thursday and Saturday.

“With this gym he can have those relationships with people,” Remillard said of Kain’s goals.

To sign up for a class, visit the A1 CrossFit Facebook page, call Kain at (480) 286-3676 or email .