New Samsung, HTC phones coming April 10 in US

Associated Press

March 26, 2015

NEW YORK New phones from Samsung and HTC will be available in U.S. stores starting April 10.

Advance orders for the new HTC One begin Friday, and those customers might receive their phones before April 10. Orders for Samsung’s Galaxy S 6 phones start Friday as well, with delivery expected around April 10.

Phone sizes won’t change. HTC is largely keeping the same design, but improving the camera and personalizing the home screen based on your location. It also promises to replace the phone once if you smash or crack it. Samsung is swapping its plastic back cover for more stylish metal and glass to better compete with the iPhone. It also improved the camera and software interface.

Prices will vary by carrier. No-contract versions generally start at about $650, in line with the iPhone and other high-end devices.