Kickers files appeal of liquor license suspension
Bar is open for business during appeal process

By Sarah Pryor - Freeman Staff

April 19, 2014

Kickers Pub & Grub
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA Ė The Common Council handed down a 10-day liquor license suspension to Kickers Pub & Grub last month, but the business has filed an appeal in Waukesha County Circuit Court and will continue to be open for business as it works through the appeal process.

Kickers Owner Darrel Radmer said he filed the appeal on April 11, and Assistant City Attorney Miles Eastman said any suspension of the barís liquor license would be on hold until the judge makes a decision.

On March 18, the Common Council voted 8-5 for the suspension, which was supposed to have commenced within 30 days.

Waukesha police say the bar at 1726 South West Ave. served alcohol to undercover underage volunteers on two occasions in one year.

They also say Radmer became loud and boisterous with officers and threatened to post the under-21 volunteersí photos on the Internet.

Radmerís appeal alleges that the city didnít give him the required three-day notice before the meeting in which the Ordinance & License Committee recommended having the council issue the suspension.

Radmer said he doesnít feel heís been treated fairly compared to other establishments that have similar violations and no suspension.

Some council members expressed concern that the business was being singled out, and urged more consistent enforcement of violations in the future.

However, Ordinance & License Committee Chairman Steve Johnson said the suspension was about more than serving underage minors Ė it was about Radmerís conduct as well.

O& L Committee member Aaron Perry said that for him, Radmerís alleged threatening behavior toward the under-21 volunteers and police was the deciding factor.

Radmer said his business has suffered from the bad press and people believing he was closed as a result of the incident. His bottom line is a desire to let people know that heís open for business. For now.