Coffeeville owner wants to honor legacy
Goal is to open before September

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

April 17, 2015

 The site of a future coffee shop owned by Jack Kulwikowski at N168W20101 Main St. seen Wednesday afternoon in Jackson.  
John Ehlke/Daily News

JACKSON - Jack Kulwikowski is turning an old farmhouse on Jackson's Main Street into a coffeehouse and cafe.

Kulwikowski is the owner of Coffeeville Co., N168W20101 Main St. The farmhouse is being renovated by Heisler Architects of Grafton.

“It’s a farmhouse on the east end. It will provide coffee and light food service. It’s been a real interesting project,” said John Heisler, owner of Heisler Architects.

“It’s a historical structure. We think the village of Jackson should have some interest in preserving it,” he said.

The building had been in the Metzo family since 1848.

“Their grandma was born in the kitchen of the building,” Kulwikowski said. “We really want to keep the legacy.”

Heisler presented the project to the Village Board on Tuesday during a public hearing for a planned unit development amendment. He said the building is in somewhat rough condition, but is structurally stable.

“We believe future use and revisions to it should be undertaken with care,” Heisler said. “Demolishing the project would be a real shame.”

He said the identity of the structure will be respected as well as the way the components are built.

“The exterior materials that will be used are the materials that would have been used during the period of this building,” Heisler said.

According to Coffeeville Co.’s concept rendering, the facility will offer seating for 50 people with an outdoor patio for 20 people.

There will also be an addition on the back and four small kiosks for sales from local artisans. Kulwikowski said the area will be called Littleville and it’s in phase two of the project, set for next year.

Kulwikowski said they will use direct trade, fair price green coffee beans of different origins, including South Africa. Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not been roasted.

There will also be a roasting room to roast and brew its coffee onsite.

According to Coffeeville Co.’s concept rendering, there will also be desserts, sub sandwiches and a variety of Polish and Italian lunch specials.

The business plan projects to generate more than 14 jobs, according to the concept rendering. Construction could begin this month. Kulwikowski said he would like to open before September.