Marek: Despite sign, no ‘adult superstore’ coming to Town of Waukesha

By Sarah Pryor - Freeman Staff

April 19, 2014

A sign posted on the Highway X site where a Walgreens/Aldi development
fell through advertises an “adult superstore” Friday morning. 

Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

TOWN OF WAUKESHA – Anyone passing by the former would-be Walgreens site at the corner of Sunset Drive and Highway X on Friday morning may have noticed a sign purporting a future development on the property.

“Perverts corner – Adult superstore site,” reads the hand-scrawled sign. “Financing by Grahm-Banske, Tammy Faye-Vansyke Group.” Town Chairman John Marek said no “Adult superstore” representatives have contacted him with intentions of developing at the site, which Walgreens officials recently revealed would no longer be the future home of a pharmacy that’s been planned there for years.

Marek said he has no idea who would have placed the sign, which apparently seeks to malign former Town Chairwoman Angie E. Van Scyoc and former Town Supervisor Joe Banske.

Both Banske and Van Scyoc lost their election bids to the Town Board earlier this month, Banske as an incumbent and Van Scyoc as a challenger for an open seat. Banske is now running for the 97th Assembly District seat as a Republican.

“Whoever did this is part of the political character assassination-type entities, and it just has no place,” Banske said. “This is one of the reasons people don’t get involved (in public office) because then their name is subjected to ridiculous whims of ridiculous people.”

Van Scyoc said she saw the sign herself.

“Such incredibly juvenile behavior is not worthy of comment,” Van Scyoc said.