O’Reilly Auto Parts interested in Slinger location


Aug. 28, 2015

 A car enters the Dove Plaza Thursday afternoon near the open land an O'Reilly Auto Parts store will be built on Highway 60 in Slinger.   
Photo by John Ehlke

SLINGER - Slinger could be home to an O’Reilly Auto Parts store in nine or 10 months.

The village granted the auto parts giant a conditional use permit for a building on the northeast corner of the intersection of Highway 60 and Lou’s Way.

The village granted the permit along with the proposed landscaping and lighting plan for the proposed 6,872 square foot building.

Chris Evans, O’Reilly’s project administrator for new locations, said the store could take 90-100 days to build.

“We won’t have a date for groundbreaking until we have all the permits,” Evans said.

Mark Merz, O’Reilly’s director of external reporting and investor relations, said the project is in “the very early stages.”

“The entire process could take from nine to 10 months until construction is finished. That includes time for permits and design completion,” Merz said. “But that could change.”

Slinger has several auto parts stores, but Merz said O’Reilly is different from the others.

“Our strong suit is customer service,” Merz said. “We like to think we’re a customer service company that happens to sell auto parts.”

Village Planner Marty Marchek said the proposed site is zoned B-2 Commercial which allows retail stores such as O’Reilly — so no zoning action is needed. He said staff had worries that the proposed site plan included an “entrance only” driveway from Lou’s Way to the site.

“There’s a concern (about) the ‘inbound only’ driveway. We don’t want it used as an exit for traffic leaving Dove Plaza,” Marchek said. The site plan proposed only one “do not enter” sign facing the O’Reilly parking lot. Marchek said the police department recommended additional traffic flow signs and pavement markings to prevent traffic from the store and Dove Plaza from using the entrance to exit onto Lou’s Way.

Village Engineer Jim Haggerty said he understood a sprinkler system will be installed with water service from the main along Dove Plaza’s north side.

Haggerty said the nearby storm water detention pond will need to be enlarged from a capacity of 17,900 cubic-feet to 18,800 to hold a projected increase in water runoff due to the additional impermeable surface.

Mary Robb, representing O’Reilly at the commission meeting, said the company had no objections to conditions proposed for granting the CUP.

The Plan Commission approved the CUP with the following conditions:

Add pavement marking with an arrow indicating entrance only.

Add yellow curb paint along the entry driveway.

Add a “no parking” sign.

Add another “do not enter” sign.

The village reserves the right to request modification to the driveway or close it if there are traffic flow violations that adversely affect public safety.

At the southeast corner of the building the business must add a curbed island to contain a sign stating “not an exit” facing east and “exit” facing west and add the same signs on the opposite island.

O’Reilly Auto Parts opened in 1957 as a single store in Missouri. Merz said the company has 4,465 stores in 43 states.

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