Developers elevate The Corners’ faēade details
Quality, durable materials earn Plan Commission’s final approval

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

Sept. 24, 2015

TOWN OF BROOKFIELD - Representatives for The Corners of Brookfield project emphasized the multiple durable and quality building materials they plan to use in the residential and retail development, which earned the Town of Brookfield Plan Commission’s approval during its meeting Tuesday.

The Plan Commission recommended approval to the Town Board of the Von Maur suite, the revised palette of exterior finish materials and revised design details for the commercial and residential components of The Corners and final approval for the parking component. The Town Board will discuss the final approval during its Oct. 6 meeting.

Brandon Diamond of DDG architecture said in the months since the renderings were first shown to the commission, more details had been added to create a more visually pleasing development.

“(We made) sure we have some good shadow and relief in those facades; they should cast some beautiful shadows,” Diamond said.

The large buildings, which can stretch 300 feet to 400 feet long, have facades that are more mercantile in appearance, he said. The colors of the building materials differ at the various heights of the building and from building to building, but form a cohesive palette.

Tenant Cafˇ Hollander will utilize a few different building materials to maintain its branding, such as synthetic wood by the entrance and a white brick fa¨ade.

Other building materials were touted as extremely durable during Tuesday’s meeting with much of the fa¨ade being brick.

Plan Commissioner John Schatzman asked how the effects of the weather and natural elements would have on the materials, in particular if the synthetic building materials would age differently than the natural products.

Diamond said they are all durable products, although said there would some fading over time.

“We are going to try and tune it so the project ages together,” he said.

Commissioner Mike Schmitt asked about tenants input on color palettes. Diamond said that if they propose brighter colors, they will enhance the project if used in small areas.

Chuck Sampey, representative for Bradford Real Estate Companies which is heading the project, said the company is creating a design criteria manual that will be brought to Architecture Control for review.

Schatzman also asked about the maintenance of landscaping, including the center park.

Diamond and Sampey emphasized that the plants would be well maintained. Diamond said the park is the “heart and soul” of the project.

Brightening underground garage

The project representatives also illustrated how effective the lighting would be in brightening the underground parking garage, which had been a previous concern of the Architecture Control committee.

Schmitt also stressed having a well-lit parking garage for safety, as well as the ease of parking.

“If this doesn’t work, the development is not going to work,” he said.

Getting to this point in the presentation of the building materials and color palette was a process. During the last regular Architecture Control meeting, the members quickly recommended final approval of the Von Maur suite at The Corners, but the members were more hesitant about the exterior details for the residential and commercial components of the The Corners, as well as interior specifics for the underground parking garage for the project. The Architecture Control Committee sought more information, which it received during a special meeting held Monday. During the special meeting, the committee did recommend final approval for both elements of the project. The committee also said it wanted the parking garage to be lighted as if it were an indoor mall.