A personal approach
Physician brothers open concierge medical practice in Cedarburg that harkens back to a different era

By Laurie Arendt - News Graphic Correspondent

March 10, 2015

 Dr. Tracy Geiger, left, and Dr. Jason Geiger have opened North Shore Concierge Clinic. Both left more traditional careers as physicians, at least by today’s standards, to open a practice in Cedarburg that they say allows them the time to give more personalized care to their clients. “We’re really old-fashioned, small-town doctors,’ Jason Geiger said.

When Dr. Tracy Geiger and Dr. Jason Geiger opened North Shore Concierge Clinic, they brought a side of medicine back to Cedarburg that has been missing for decades: Doctors who make house calls, who are able to spend an hour with a patient and, in incorporating modern technology, welcome a text from a patient at any time of the day or night. 

“The whole goal is to be compassionate, and this model allows us to do that,” said Tracy Geiger of the clinic he and his brother established in January. “If you’re not able to build a strong relationship with your patient, everything just falls down.”

“We’re really old-fashioned, small-town doctors,” said Jason Geiger. “From our standpoint, it’s much easier to take care of people this way.”

Concierge medicine works a little differently than traditional health care. Patients purchase care through a monthly fee, which varies by age group, which gives access to medical care on retainer. The clinic is currently located at Cedarburg Family Wellness Center, but is an independent entity.

The clinic does accept Medicare and can bill insurance plans as an out-of-network provider, based on the individual patient’s needs. Almost all of the clinic’s services can be paid for by HSA or FSA plans.

The economics of concierge plans make particular sense for patients with high-deductible health care plans. Once enrolled, patients receive an annual exam, $1 office visits and around-the-clock access to the doctors. Should specialty care be necessary, the NSCC doctors provide referrals and stay involved in the ongoing care.

“We also are able to provide tremendous savings for any necessary lab work,” explained Tracy Geiger. “Physicians receive a tremendous discount on lab work - sometimes the cost can be less than $10 - and we pass that on to our patients. In some instances, the cost savings can be 80 to 90 percent.”

North Shore Concierge Clinic offers $10 office visits one Saturday every month and $50 urgent care visits ($100 for house calls), which are available on a walk-in basis to the community.

The idea of opening a modern, yet old-fashioned medical clinic in Cedarburg appealed to both brothers, who grew up in Delavan.

“Our dad is a veterinarian and his big dream was that we would grow up and we would have this big Geiger Veterinary Clinic together É but we both have allergies and I have asthma, so that wasn’t going to happen,” said Tracy Geiger. Jason Geiger practiced medicine in Milwaukee and Tracy Geiger worked for the Marshfield Clinic and practiced medicine in Phillips, a small town in northern Wisconsin, before establishing their Cedarburg clinic. Both became a little disillusioned with the status quo in medical clinics and the business of medicine, and decided to make a change to a type of practice that emphasizes quality of care and compassion for their patients.

As for the decision to open in Cedarburg, it was a logical one for the two brothers, who had also hoped of one day working together.

“We had lived in downtown Milwaukee until our first son was born, and we used to come to Cedarburg,” said Jason Geiger, whose family moved to Cedarburg eight years ago. “We realized this was the kind of community we wanted to live in, and now there’s no way we are leaving.”

Tracy Geiger agreed, and said that their goal is to establish a clinic that embodies the spirit of Cedarburg.

“I’m really inspired by things like what happened with the Rivoli downtown,” he said. “A bunch of people from the community got together and re-did this great old theater, and now they volunteer at it and keep it running. That’s the kind of community we want to be a part of and contribute to.”

North Shore Concierge Clinic will be participating in the Sample of Cedarburg at the Cedarburg Cultural Center on March 25 from 5:30 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Concierge medicine works for corporate plans as well

Small local businesses looking at health care options might just want to look into concierge medicine as part of their benefit plans.

“It actually works really well for things like wellness plans and employee clinics,” said Dr. Jason Geiger. “It gives employers options.”

Dr. Tracy Geiger said that corporate plans also allows doctors to work with set populations of people, which opens up opportunities to improve workplace wellness.

“We already have some interest from a few local businesses,” he noted. “And it really does fit into our theme and how we want to care for the community.”



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