cheel restaurant may offer sidewalk seating
Final decision will be made by Thiensville Village Board

By Gary Achterberg - News Graphic Staff

Dec. 17, 2015

THIENSVILLE — While details need to be worked out, members of Thiensville’s Village Board were receptive Dec. 7 to permitting the cheel to offer seating on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

Jesse Daily, owner of the cheel is asking the village for permission to provide seating in the right-of-way for as many as nine people. The area would be divided – perhaps with a rope or small fence – and individuals using the sidewalk still would have more than 8 feet of space.

The restaurant, which features cuisine from Nepal, has been open for about 1 1/2 years at 105 S. Main St. Daily did extensive renovations to the historic building at Main Street and Buntrock Avenue to convert a building that was on the verge of being condemned into a restaurant that has attracted enthusiastic reviews and steady business.

“It will make Thiensville feel more walkable,” Daily said as he spoke to trustees as they met as the Committee of the Whole.

Discussion among trustees centered on details, such as how the area would be divided from the rest of the sidewalk and whether tables and chairs would be removed at night. While a formal vote was not taken, several trustees said they were “all for it.” Nobody spoke in opposition.

Many of the details related to the sidewalk seating must be worked out. For instance, the restaurant likely will pay a fee to access the space as part of an agreement with the village, but those details have not been worked out.

Many of the details will be worked out as the proposal goes to the village’s Planning Commission. Discussion there will be followed by formal Village Board action.

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