Not smooth sailing for Golden Anchor, yet
Permitting, licensing issues delay reopening

By Matt Masterson - Freeman Staff

March 27, 2015

Chaz Hastings behind the bar of The Golden Anchor.
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

TOWN OF DELAFIELD — Chaz Hastings said the recently renovated Golden Anchor restaurant has a new menu, new ceiling, new floor, new barstools, a new sound system and is all ready to reopen — but that won’t happen until he gets a new liquor license from the Town Board.

The restaurant, located at N26-W30227 Maple Ave. on Pewaukee Lake, was known as Dylon’s Steakhouse until late last year when Hastings and business partner Josh Neureuther took over the site.
“I’m just praying that it happens because it is financially really hurtful if I have to go 45 more days,” he said, “because if this doesn’t hit, I will be in a world of hurt.” -Chaz Hastings

The license was expected to be discussed at Tuesday’s board meeting, but conversation was abruptly ended after it was realized the restaurant did not yet have a conditional use permit to operate within the building, which is needed before a liquor license can even be discussed.

Hastings will now have to go before the Plan Commission on Tuesday to request the conditional use permit, and then return to the Town Board on April 14 to once again seek the liquor license, according to Town Clerk/Treasurer Mary Elsner. She said a public hearing will also be scheduled for the April board meeting to hear from citizens on the license.

As for the conditional use permit, Elsner said after next week’s meeting it is out of the town’s hands.

“What will happen is the Plan Commission will give recommendations to (Waukesha County),” she said, “because that is what the county is asking for, but it is really up to the county because that is all in the shoreline jurisdiction.”

Same place, new face

Hastings said he officially closes on the building today, but has spent the last several months returning the Golden Anchor to the nautical themes that highlighted the restaurant’s location and its original run before it was turned into Dylon’s.

“If you walked in today, you would not recognize the place — It looks beautiful,” he said. “The residents of Waukesha County are going to love this place.”

The Golden Anchor features views of Pewaukee Lake.
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

The restaurant now features a faux-tin ceiling to go along with decorative ductwork and a collection of artifacts that once adorned the walls of the first Golden Anchor.

Already the owner of a Harley-Davidson dealership in Milwaukee and other restaurants across southeastern Wisconsin, Hastings said he also has the original anchor from the old restaurant and hopes to incorporate it into an outdoor sign, but not until after the business is up and running.

He said the restaurant will feature a new menu built around seafood and steak with prices that will allow people to come back more than once per month.

“We want it to be the kind of place you can afford to come more than just on special occasions,” he said. “We think with our new menu and pricing, we will hit that niche.”

The new Golden Anchor also includes a new bar and kitchen equipment and other local items from the collections of Neureuther and head chef Dennis Stukel.

“What people are going to see out there is some really cool stuff,” he said.

‘I’m just praying that it happens’

Outside of the conditional use permit and liquor license, Hastings said he has done everything else necessary to make the restaurant ready to open.

But given the money spent on acquiring the building and completing renovations on a restaurant that can’t open, Hastings said a resolution can’t come soon enough.

“I’m just praying that it happens because it is financially really hurtful if I have to go 45 more days,” he said, “because if this doesn’t hit, I will be in a world of hurt.”

The restaurant is fully stocked and associates have been hired, but are on standstill until the restaurant can open.

And as for when that might be?

“If they give us the conditional use (permit) on the 31st next week,” Hastings said, “and then we get through (the Town Board meeting on April) 14th — we would open the 15th.”