Fired up about getting fit

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

Feb. 11, 2015

Addy Fahrenkrug of West Bend leads a Sh’Bam class at En Fuego Fitness on
Wednesday evening in West Bend.
John Ehlke/Daily News

Addy Fahrenkrug and Sarah Griffin think their fitness studio, En Fuego Fitness in West Bend, will offer residents an encouraging and welcoming experience.

En Fuego Fitness, 820 S. Main St., specializes in group fitness and personal training for individuals and groups.

The studio opened in 2010 in Jackson, but moved to West Bend in January.

“We had been looking in Jackson for like a year for a suitable space and we couldn’t find anything that fit our needs that would allow us to be in there,” Fahrenkrug said.

Griffin said they also wanted a bigger space.

“Now we have another studio in the back,” Griffin said. “We can have two classes at once or train someone while we’re running a class.”

Fahrenkrug said they wanted to stay close to their existing clientele.

“We didn’t look outside of Jackson to begin with,” Fahrenkrug said. “This is one of the first places we saw in West Bend. We fell in love with it. The location is great. The space was really nice.”

Fahrenkrug said it took about three weeks to renovate the 5,100square-foot space.

The exterior of En Fuego Fitness seen before the Sh’Bam class on
Wednesday evening in West Bend
John Ehlke/Daily News

Griffin said a sport court was brought from the Jackson studio to the West Bend studio.

“It does have a shock absorption rating on it, so it’s really good for anything high impact,” Griffin said, adding it’s better on joints.

Kathy Williams of Jackson followed them to West Bend.

She said she’s been going to En Fuego Fitness for about two and a half years after joining to try group exercise classes.

“I enjoy going there,” Williams said. “The instructors are knowledgeable.”

She said if someone is new to working out Griffin, Fahrenkrug and the other certified instructors make them feel comfortable and the experience isn’t intimidating.

“The main thing is it’s a friendly non-intimidating atmosphere,” Williams said.

Griffin said the move also added clientele who stopped going to En Fuego Fitness because it was too far from home.

“We used to have people who would drive from Kewaskum. Even a couple from Allenton, but then they stopped coming, but now they’re coming back because we’re so much closer to them.

En Fuego Fitness offers Zumba, five Les Mills programs, which is a trademarked class that’s set to music and pre-choreographed.

“All of our classes are set to music,” Fahrenkrug said.

Griffin said some of the classes include a weight lifting class, a yoga class and a martial arts class.

The En Fuego Fitness logo above the welcome desk as patrons check in for classes on
Wednesday evening in West Bend. 
John Ehlke/Daily News

Supervised childcare is also available during morning classes Monday through Friday without a reservation and for the first two evening classes Monday through Friday by reservation.

Seven years ago Fahrenkrug started teaching Zumba in Tennessee and moved to Wisconsin. She got her group fitness certification and her personal fitness certification. She met Griffin in one of her classes when she started teaching in Wisconsin.

“I have a degree in physical education,” Griffin said. “Like Addy said I started taking her classes. I started teaching on my own. We were like ‘hey, we can do this for ourselves,’” Griffin said.

“We both really love to teach,” she added. “Because of our clients we have an awesome community of people who look out for each other.”

Fahrenkrug said the most rewarding part of being an instructor is seeing someone not very confidante bloom. Griffin said she would encourage people to come because it’s a different experience.

“I think we’re just a little different in that a lot of our people that are here tell us it’s just a different feel when you walk in here,” Griffin said. “All of our instructors are experienced and when someone new walks in the door we try to take really good care of them. Help them through the class. Show them lots of ways they can do it and make them feel really welcome.”

Fahrenkrug said they like to know everyone’s names and know their story.

“If we know somebody has a struggle, we try to take that into consideration,” Fahrenkrug said. “There’s just a lot of personal attention that we give.”

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