Workshop for widows receives new sponsor

Freeman Staff

July 9, 2015

CITY OF PEWAUKEE - The Women's Financial Wellness Center announced that Krause Funeral Home will sponsor New Beginnings, a workshop designed to provide recently or soon-to-be single women the practical tools, education and resources to navigate through the loss of a spouse.

The New Beginnings workshop offers a non-judgmental, supportive approach to help alleviate the financial vulnerability for women. At the conclusion of the 10-hour comprehensive workshop, The Women's Financial Wellness Center connects women with the services, resources and additional tools they need to achieve financial wellness, according to the announcement.

Cynthia Violette, advanced planning specialist for Krause Funeral Home, will be the exclusive end-of-life planning resource for The Women's Financial Wellness Center.

"It is really important for women to not only have the dialogue about their final wishes but also develop a relationship with a trusted professional," said Rhonda Noordyk, founder of The Women's Financial Wellness Center.