Plan Commission approves retail building at Pabst Farms
First new development in years

Enterprise Staff

Oct. 22, 2015

OCONOMOWOC — A proposed multitenant retail building in the Pabst Farms development cleared a major hurdle Oct. 14.

The city’s Plan Commission approved a major design review for the 6,700-square-foot retail building at 1360 Pabst Farms Circle, which will update the existing Starbucks location and has room for additional retail space.

The existing Starbucks is outdated and did not include a drive-thru, according to a planning staff report. The new building will include the drive-thru and outdoor patio seating.

“The application has now received all approvals from the various committees and commissions needed in order to apply for a building permit,” City Planner and Zoning Administrator Jason Gallo said.

The project’s design details were approved by the Architectural Commission in August. The new building will have a streamlined look with new lighting and architectural details.

Plan Commission member Derek Zwart said the approval was swift because Gallo presented a thorough and refined design review.

“The design fits all of the city’s requirements,” Zwart said. He also said he was happy to see development progressing in Pabst Farms.

The large parcel of land designated Pabst Farms has been dogged by controversy and slow growth.

Approximately one-third of the building will be the new Starbucks. The remaining portion is fit for retail development, including other restaurants.

Zwart said the project will need to be approved at the council level in the future.

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