Hartford OKs Dunkin’ Donuts site plan change
Drive-thru modified; patio gone

By AMANDA VOSS - Daily News

 March 10, 2015

HARTFORD — Plan Commission members approved an amended site plan for the Dunkin’ Donuts on East Sumner Street that will modify the drivethru and remove an outdoor patio.

City Planner Justin Drew described the proposed site plan amendment during Monday night’s meeting.

Drew said the proposed patio that was supposed to be on the north end of the building will be removed to allow the drive-thru window to move about 15 feet to the west.

“According to the developer, Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t like the operational flow of the interior of the store with the window placement as originally proposed,” Drew said. “The drive-thru window won’t alter the appearance of the building dramatically.”

He said the proposal differs from the site plan approved by the Plan Commission in 2006 and an amended site plan that was approved in December.

“It wouldn’t be the first time you heard me say this,” Mayor and Plan Commission Chairman Joseph Dautermann said. “It disturbs me when we revisit the same subject a couple months apart. I thought we had a plan in December, which we embraced with the patio and embraced reducing the size of the patio.”

“I don’t know what happened in the two months since we saw this last,” he added. “I don’t like revisiting developer’s agreements too many times.”

Drew said he thought it was a good public amenity.

The amendment will also change the location of the sidewalk walkway from the city bike path on Highway 60, Drew said.

“I have a couple of concerns about that. I think they can be addressed,” Drew said. “Before it was a straight shot in and now they are proposing kind of a curve to go around the driveway and it wouldn’t line up with the existing pavement.”

He said if the amendment is approved, the existing pavement should be redone to line it up.

Plan Commission member Dennis Regan agreed.

“We want things to line up making pedestrian traffic flow as well as possible,” Regan said. “Hopefully encouraging more of that for at least symbiotic flow of pedestrian traffic and auto traffic.”

“I don’t like the changes coming before us either, however it looks like a decent plan,” he said.

Multi-family residential development

Plan Commission members approved a concept plan for an 84-unit multi-family residential development on Loos Street.

Drew said the seven 12-family residential buildings will be on the northeast corner of South Wilson and East Loos streets.

He said the properties would need to be rezoned to Rm-2 Multi-Family residential. The properties would need to be combined through a Certified Survey Map and a conditional use permit for a planned unit development along with a site plan would need to be approved.

The Plan Commission originally approved a site plan for these properties in 1997. The proposed buildings are on a smaller scale than the 40-unit three story building that was originally proposed.

Drew said there would be a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments arranged in 12-unit structures. The proposed buildings would be two stories tall and each unit would have its own entrance.

“Staff believes the style of the multi-family building is appropriate,” Drew said. “Overall the staff believes this is an attractive project and would be a good addition to the city’s housing supply.”