New Falls business to offer self-defense classes

By JONATHAN RICHIE - Special to The Freeman

July 29, 2017

A member gets a lesson in self-defense from an instructor at MK Protection Strategies recently.
Submitted photo


MENOMONEE FALLS — MK Protection Strategies was started last year by two local self-defense instructors. In August, they will open their physical location at N88 W16741 Main St. in Menomonee Falls. The pair will offer courses in self-defense offered to all ages and will also have firearms safety courses.

Malissa Misch, managing member, has been involved in self-defense training and firearms safety for the last six years. It started for her after taking a “refuse to be a victim” class.

William Stedman, self-defense instructor and Misch’s business partner, has over 20 years of self-defense training. He has been educating with SAFE International, based in Toronto with facilities and instructors in the United States, Australia, and Finland. He also has a black belt in martial arts.

“But this is more than martial arts, it’s about empowering people,” Misch said. “We’re educating women and children about how to avoid becoming a victim and having the proper mindset if attacked.”

Mobile business

MK Protection Strategies was a mobile business for the past year. It has done a lot of work in schools, specializing in older teenagers.

“They are entering the workforce, they’re starting to date, and soon they’ll be leaving home for college,” Stedman said. “These are factors that open kids up to possibly threatening situations.”

Stedman says part of the strategy is teaching real-life events that he could also teach to his 8-year-old daughter and an 80-year-old grandmother. He also uses humor to get 100 percent participation from the students.

“Bill makes it fun, people are always engaged,” Misch said. “They open up and discover that mindset mentally.”

Courses and workshops

Misch is an NRA certified instructor and is also certified to teach concealed carry weapons permit classes. In August, a plethora of 25 courses and workshops will be offered. They will also continue as a mobile business.

These will include self-defense workshops, CCW classes, and beginning hand gun handling courses for women and seniors.

Misch said all information on courses, including a registration form and prices can be found at

MK Protection Strategies will have open business hours where people can sign up for courses. They will sell protective tools like pepper spray, stun guns, and a fake credit card that turns into a knife.

“We also sell a drink guard that changes color when the drink has been tampered with,” Misch said.

MK Protection Services will have their grand opening on Aug. 25 with an open house gathering, formal ribbon- cutting ceremony, and a raffle.

“Our main goal is empowering the community,” Misch said. “And we hope they take advantage of that opportunity because anyone can become a victim."