Slinger to seek marketing proposals


Sept. 3, 2015

Construction continues on the Cedar Bluffs Condominiums near finished homes Wednesday morning in Slinger.
Photos by John Ehlke  

Help for Slinger’s marketing and economic development could be on the way.

For several months village officials have discussed creating a more focused effort to promote the village as a place to live and work. Some are dissatisfied with the joint efforts and want the village to work more on promoting itself.

At a recent meeting of Slinger’s Redevelopment Authority, members asked the village to consider a consulting firm to assist with marketing and economic development.

Village Administrator Jessi Balcom said she obtained a list of possible firms from Economic Development of Washington County and village staff drafted a request for proposals to be distributed, possibly in a few weeks.

“We’re still evaluating what should be in the proposals,” Balcom said Wednesday. “I’m sure we’ll have more consultation with the RDA and Village Board about what should be included.”

RDA members asked Balcom when the request for proposals would be ready for review.

“I don’t really have a deadline to complete the RFPs,” Balcom said.

After months of “visioning” discussions on ways to improve the village, at a July meeting the Village Board indicated they wanted to create a more organized marketing effort to promote the village’s attributes. They agreed information about development in Slinger is available through a number of sources, but the village needs someone to “specifically market the village” and to lobby on its behalf.

“We need to seriously consider putting money in the budget for 2016 for marketing the village,” said Trustee Rick Kohl. “We need to have staff working on making that a part of the new budget.”

There was no mention of a specific dollar amount for marketing, but the village is now preparing the proposed 2016 budget.

“I’m sure it will be considered because the board has mentioned the idea before,” Balcom said. “I can’t say whether money will be included in the budget. The village has a whole lot of things they’d like to do, but they have to prioritize because its difficult to find money for everything.”

The possible construction of a motel in Slinger gained the interest of Slinger officials and is an example of development they would like to see more of.

At a recent meeting, Slinger resident Wayne Erickson proposed developing a two-acre lot he owns at the southwest corner of North Kettle Moraine Drive and Cedar Creek Road for the hotel. There are no hotels in the village. A hotel in the village has been a goal of officials for years.

“It’s a vacant lot now, but I’ve had discussions with a developer who is very interested in possibly building a hotel there, but the project would need some help from the village to happen,” Erickson.

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