Lakeside at Heaven City making new name for itself

By Matt Masterson - Freeman Staff

Jan. 22, 2015

TOWN OF VERNON — Two months after opening his newly-branded restaurant, The Lakeside Supper Club at Heaven City, owner Troy Schoenrock said business has exceeded his own expectations.

“We just re-located The Lakeside and it is like we never missed a beat,” he said. “It is really doing phenomenal.”

Schoenrock, who owned The Lakeside in Mukwonago for more than 16 years, moved his operation to the site of the old Heaven City restaurant last fall after purchasing the land at S91-W27850 National Ave. in the Town of Vernon.

He said he has run into some issues with the “Heaven City” brand, so he is trying to move away from that title for the time being.

“What we basically did was we moved The Lakeside to the old Heaven City location and we are in the Heaven City complex,” he said. “I have had some problems with people who brought Groupons from the old Heaven City. The old Heaven City had some obligations to some other people that they took their money and now they think I bought their business and they are coming after me. These are issues I am trying to get away from.”

Schoenrock said he’s sticking with The Lakeside name for now, but sometime down the road he may decide to go back to Heaven City.

The Lakeside at Heaven City held its opening on Nov. 17 and offers many of the same supper club favorites that helped The Lakeside thrive for over a decade and a half.

“We are still specializing in steaks, ribs, chops, seafood and Italian specialties,” Schoenrock said. “Then we are starting with our all-you-can- eat specials that we are known for at The Lakeside.”

Those specials include all-you-can-eat baby back ribs and shrimp on Tuesdays, chicken and fish fry on Wednesdays and spaghetti, lasagna and other Italian courses on Thursdays.

The menu is largely the same as it was at The Lakeside, according to Schoenrock, sans a couple fan favorites like pizzas and all-you-can-eat crab legs which could rejoin the main roster sometime down the road. He said his chef is also working on a Valentine’s Day menu that could feature some items not currently on the menu.

The building was not initially ready to handle the type of volume The Lakeside at Heaven City is bringing in, but Schoenrock said his staff has slowly been progressing towards building the supper club atmosphere he’s sought to create.

“Every day we are always coming up with something different that the customers are looking at,” he said. “It is working, it is just a slow process trying to get the building applicable for what we are trying to do.”