HUHS hires construction manager for projects


Jan. 27, 2015

HARTFORD — Hartford Union High School’s Board of Education on Monday night approved hiring CG Schmidt Company to act as construction manager for two major building projects the school district wants to begin later this year.

Schmidt will oversee all construction aspects of the projects which include reconstructing the boys and girls locker rooms and remodeling the high school’s physics classroom. The preliminary cost estimate for completing both projects is between $3.6 million-$4 million. The contract approved Monday calls for CG Schmidt to be paid more than 1.6 percent of the project costs and a monthly fee of $35,175.

“Due to the complexity of the projects it was advised that the district seek to secure a construction manager to assist in each of the different phases of the projects in order to make the construction transition more smoothly and be of increased quality, yet sacrifice as minimal cost as possible,” Director of Business Services Andrew Sarnow said.

Sarnow estimated the district would pay the company about $325,000 at the end of the projects if completed on time.

“We’re looking forward to working with the district on these projects,” said Eric Schmidt, who will serve as the company’s team leader for the projects.

Sarnow said the district had conducted extensive interviews and research into the four companies that bid to manage the projects, but CG Schmidt had the best score and were highly recommended by references and past clients.

New board member Joshua Schoemann served as a member of the committee that helped interview the bidders and helped research their backgrounds. He said others who had worked with CG Schmidt gave the company high marks.

“I didn’t hear one bad word about them,” Schoemann said. “We asked the same questions of every company when we did our research: Were they under budget? Were they on schedule? Did they get along with the architects? Did they do good work?” Sarnow said. “The answers were yes for them on every question.”

The board has signed off on the final designs for the work and gave Bray Architects permission to seek bids.

The board is also preparing for another, separate project to remodel the school’s cafeteria and kitchen. Details on that work are yet to be finalized before a final decision is made on that project.

Matt Wolfert of Bray Architects said the locker room work will be completed in phases so some locker room space is available during construction in the school year. In the summer the locker rooms will be unavailable. The locker rooms still have the original lockers from when the school was built around 1959-60.