Three new subdivisions slated for Cedarburg

By Denise Seyfer - News Graphic

April 23, 2015

CEDARBURG — Springing up this year in the city of Cedarburg are three new subdivisions: Park Ridge, to be built by Neumann Companies, and Pine Ridge and Fairfield Manor West, developed by Robert Tillman.

All three have already gone through preliminary approvals from the city’s Plan Commission, while two – Park Ridge and Pine Ridge – have been approved by the Common Council.

The largest of the three developments, the Park Ridge subdivision, is located on the corner of Western Avenue and Wauwatosa Road. The Common Council signed off on the developer’s agreement April 13. The 11 lots will range in size from 13,000 square feet to 19,768 square feet, according to the development plans.

Prairie View subdivision’s phase one, with 47 lots, paved the way for Park Ridge, said city Engineer and Public Works Director Tom Wiza. The developer Homes by Towne installed the road and utilities, which Park Ridge residents can also access. Phase two in Prairie View adds an additional 33 lots, which are yet to be developed, according to Wiza.

Neumann Companies wlll reimburse Homes by Towne $24,585.20 to cover the utilities and street improvements that Towne constructed, which really set the table for this development.

Neumann Companies agreed to construct sidewalks and pathways on both sides of all internal streets and across the frontage on Ridgeway Lane, according to the agreement.

Neumann Companies will also pay $7,280 into a city street tree fund for 26 street trees, topsoil and turf in all parkways, in addition to landscaping around the storm water pond to be built within the subdivision.

Additionally, the Park Ridge will be governed by a homeowner’s association that will be responsible for the maintenance of the storm water pond, the grass area between the sidewalk and the curb next to the pond.

In February, Tillman gained approval for the 3.48-acre Pine Ridge subdivision, located along the west side of Bobolink Avenue and south of Ozaukee Interurban Trail adjacent to the village of Grafton border. Fairfield Manor was given preliminary approval by the Plan Commission April 6.

Pine Ridge, the larger of Tillman's two subdivisions, consists of 10 lots ranging in size from 12,758 square feet to 15,306 square feet for single-family homes. The subdivision also includes a 19,542 square foot out lot or pond for stormwater management.

Half of Bobolink Avenue is located in the village of Grafton. As such, special approvals were required. That included an assessment for existing utilities as well as street, stormwater and utility development plans. The sanitary sewer system and water utilities on the road are owned and maintained by the village. Tillman also is required to pay utility impact fees to the village per an inter-municipal agreement with the city of Cedarburg.

The developer will need to reconstruct Bobolink Avenue and extend West Oak Street to the west property line as part of the project, said the city's Plan Commission.

Fairfield Manor, Tillman’s second development, comprises six single-family lots located on the south side of Susan Lane and west of Holly Lane. The land to the north of the development is in the town of Cedarburg.

The proposed housing development will connect to the Susan Lane development, said the developer’s plat plans.

According to Tillman, he does not intend to construct the east/west portion of Susan Lane. Normally a developer is responsible for extending abutting streets, said City Planner Jon Censky. However, “in this instance, it may be premature to construct Susan Lane as we are only responsible for the south half of the road,” he said.

Censky suggested Tillman escrow funds for the road’s construction if that is required by the town in the future.

According to the developer’s project plans, curbs, gutters and sidewalks will be installed north to Susan Lane.

During the initial November discussion on the project, neighbors expressed concerns that new development would aggravate flooding that they said has plagued the Susan Lane area in previous years, though the site is not officially mapped as a floodplain.

The city will not have funds available to address the flooding until 2018, which is when a stormwater pond is scheduled to be built, according to the city’s capital improvement plan. As a result, the developer must include stormwater management plans that address flooding issues. Plan commissioners also asked Tillman to provide a drainage outlot for the Aspen Court backyard areas.

Further, Tillman was required to verify and stake all wetlands before the plan is submitted to the Common Council. He will pay $7,185 in impact fees when he acquires his building permit, according to Plan Commission data.

Cedarburg Mayor Kip Kinzel said market conditions will steer the way toward other future residential developments in the city.

“We have planned for higher density residential projects around the Highway 60 corridor, buffering to lower densities as they approach our existing neighborhoods. With that, we will be looking to get higher density and higher quality developments near the downtown area to add to the vibrancy of our historic district,” Kinzel said.

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