Thiensville restaurant to create Zen-like feeling

BY Freeman Staff

June 8, 2018

THIENSVILLE - The operators of baaree, which is slated to open June 19 in downtown Thiensville, promise to offer food and beverages in a relaxing space where people can unwind.  

Award-winning chef and restauranteur Barkha, who is an owner of the restaurant, and Gunner Stenzel will oversee the food program at baaree - a Nepalese word which means “garden.” The restaurant is also owned by Jesse Daily.  

“Look for a refined approach to classic beer garden offerings highlighting local meats, edible herbs and fruits planted in the garden,” Barkha, who is identified by the one word, said in a statement.  

Some of the menu items will include: housemade wild boar sausage, with a selection of other sausages sourced locally; pulled pork with red roselle steamed and toasted tingmo bun; the baaree salad with lemongrass and persimmons vinaigrette; and butternut squash dip.  

The beer garden will be open Sunday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. with express lunch options available for pick-up.  

baaree will be located at 107 Buntrock Ave.