ESI forms strategic partnership with Laconicly

Special to The Freeman

Nov. 24, 2014

BROOKFIELD — Two companies, Laconicly and ESI, announced they have formed a strategic partnership is an ongoing effort to provide secure and smart buildings.

The partnership combines ESI’s building automation and integration capabilities, according to the announcement, and Laconicly’s professional security services and Soteria Secure Configuration Management Software.

“The combined resources from Laconicly and ESI give our clients an advantage in the dynamic security landscape at a more holistic level, allowing buildings to run better in a more secure environment,” said Ron Vissers, ESI’s director of information technology, in a statement.

Los Angeles-based Laconicly is a professional services organization focused on cyber security for smart building technologies and industrial control systems. Brookfield-based ESI enables customers to reduce costs, minimize energy consumption and maximize their return on investment.|