ARTworks to close after just over a year

By Ryan Billingham - Enterprise Staff

June 19, 2014

OCONOMOWOC – After a little more than a year, the ARTworks Studio and Gallery, 109 Concord Road, is closing its doors.

Bill Balthazor, one of the gallery’s owners and artists, said the “writing was on the wall.”

“There are a lot of reasons, I think,” he said. “The location was a challenge. The building is beautiful, but until we put a big sign up that said we were closing, we didn’t get a lot of people coming in.”

The studio and gallery offered works from nine artists and brought in special guests. It also hosted art classes as a working studio.

“I think Oconomowoc has a great arts community,” Balthazor said. “But the bills have to paid and it was increasingly difficult to do that.”

The gallery’s inventory is currently on sale and Balthazor said that some “amazing deals” can be had for art that sometimes runs at prices in the thousands.

“It’s a great opportunity to purchase art,” he said. “Some of the works that sell for over a thousand dollars are on sale in the hundreds.”

The gallery will host a final “everything must go” sale on June 28. It will be selling not only art but furniture, equipment and lighting.

“Pretty much everything in the store will be up for sale,” Balthazor said.

For more information, call the ARTworks at 262-391-2250.