Divino Gelato to keep serving some Sloppy Joe's flavors

By CHRIS BUCHER - Freeman Staff

Dec. 3, 2016

WAUKESHA - Despite the fact it’s closed its doors, Sloppy Joe’s Soda Fountain will still have a presence in downtown.

Lori Lester, who owns Divino Gelato Cafe at 227 W. Main St. and formerly owned Sloppy Joe’s, 280 W. Broadway, said Divino will serve some of the top-selling ice cream flavors that Sloppy Joe’s had offered.

“What we’re going to do is we’re going to have some of the favorites we’ve had at Sloppy Joe’s, flavors like the Bubble Gum or Blue Moon,” Lester said. “We’ll still be making some of those flavors over at Divino in the summer because we had a pretty good customer base in the summer for our ice cream so we’re going to have some of those offerings as well.”

Lester added that Divino will also offer Sloppy Joe’s famous grilled hot dogs, served in a tent outside the store.

“We don’t want to lose our customer base; we had a pretty good following in the summer,” Lester said. She said while it is unfortunate Sloppy Joe’s must close, she understands that Tony Marquez, the new owner of the building, is looking for a place that operates year round, seven days a week.

While Sloppy Joe’s is closing, Divino continues to grow. Lester said she has preliminary plans of opening another Divino at an area mall, though she wouldn’t disclose which one.

“That’s kind of our focus in the near future,” she said.