I.d. brings new identity to Delafield
Restaurant opened in May, offers shared-plate menu

By CHRIS BUCHER - Freeman Staff

August 27, 2016


Chef Jonna Froehlich, left, and other members of the kitchen staff work in the open kitchen at I.d. on Friday.

Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

DELAFIELD — There’s been a new vibe brewing next to the Delafield Hotel since the spring.

I.d., a restaurant which opened in May, has found success with its sharedplate format, head chef Jonna Froehlich said. The new restaurant took the place of Andrew’s Restaurant, which closed its doors in January.

“We have had overwhelming positive feedback at the new restaurant,” Froehlich said. “It’s a much more inviting and fun place to be.”

After its closing, the former Andrew’s building underwent an extensive remodel, which also coincided with the hotel’s upgrade. Now, I.d., 415 Genesee Street, sits separate from the hotel and has a brand-new feeling to it, Froehlich said.

“There’s no trace of the old restaurant,” Froehlich said. “It’s a completely different space now. We blew out all of the walls and increased the size of the windows to make it a much more modern, contemporary feeling with an ecliptic design.”


People relax at the bar at I.d. on Friday.

With a new interior, the randomly-inspired menu makes I.d. an unconventional place to dine, which is exactly what Froehlich was aiming to create when initially planning the restaurant. The lounge inside it offers another comfortable atmosphere for customers as well, Froehlich said.

“Andrew’s was a nice restaurant, but was more of a special occasion place,” Froehlich said. “This is somewhere people can come a lot more during the week and dine.”

The menu at I.d. is split into four categories, with some items being offered weekly and monthly.


I.d. in the Delafield Hotel.

First, there’s the snacks and spreads, consisting of cheeses, breads and other specialties as a starting point. The second category is leaves and roots, which incorporates many different flavors and ingredients to make unique salads. Then the typical main courses consist of feathers, tails, fins and shells. With the feathers and tails category, an expansive selection ranging from duck confit and herbed farro to pig head has been popular with customers. The seafood category — fins and shells — includes king crab and wood-grilled octopus.

“The price point is definitely lower (than Andrew’s),” Froehlich said. “We have quite a variety in dishes. It ranges from about $4 to $20 per dish. It’s for the Delafield community and also travelers staying at the hotel, a destination dining experience. It’s a much more comfortable place for our travelers to dine.”


I.d. features an open dining room with counter seating overlooking the open kitchen.

The restaurant is open from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. from Sunday until Thursday and from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. A staple of the restaurant is its brunch service, at 9:30 a.m. Sunday until 2 p.m.

Formerly incorporated exclusively within the hotel, Froehlich said the restaurant has to work a bit harder to attract customers, but she feels the offbeat feel of the restaurant has gone a long way in doing so.

“Restaurants in hotels always have an extra hurdle,” Froehlich said. “But we created a completely new entrance to I.d. in order to separate it more from the outside of the hotel. With the remodel and more people coming to the hotel, it’s been awesome.”

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