CUP request for Pallet USA expansion withdrawn


Dec. 10, 2015

A request for a conditional use permit to allow expansion of Pallet USA in the town of Hartford has been withdrawn, but the project will move ahead with some changes.

The county’s Land Conservation and Planning, Conservation and Parks Committee was to hold a public hearing at the county’s Public Agency Center on Tuesday afternoon, but the hearing was not needed after the CUP request was withdrawn.

Jarrod Duel of Walters Buildings, who will construct the building, told the committee after a design meeting some changes in the building plan were made.

“It was decided to move the new building’s location north of the present building,” Duel said. “That means it will be far enough away from the Rubicon River that we will no longer need to worry about shoreland protection rules that would have been involved at the earlier proposed location.

“We thought at first it would be further west, but it made sense to get away from the river as much as possible,” Duel said.

Pallet USA, which has 101 employees, leases the land and its building from DGR Enterprises, which is owned by Danny Goeman.

“Nothing is final, but if all goes ahead as planned we could break ground before the end of the year on more space at our present location,” Pallet USA President and CEO Bruce Church said. “That will mean more jobs, but we have to go through a number of steps before anything is final.” Goeman had to apply for the CUP because he owns the property. He said the building could cost about $800,000 and will be about 24,000 square-feet.

Church said his company has added 27 jobs in the last four months.

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