Targeting the right people
Custom Data Too Mail helps clients send direct mail to potential consumers

By Katherine Michalets - Freeman Staff

April 17, 2015

 Jerry Wick talks about an automated folding and inserting machine used to make custom direct mail pieces at Custom Data Too Mail in Menomonee Falls. 
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

MENOMONEE FALLS - The owners of Custom Data Too Mail take what some consider nebulous data and optimize it to benefit clients with focused direct mailings that target a select group. Itís the crafting of customized direct mailers that have helped the industry regain its footing.

ďPeople are taking multiple approaches to direct mail. Itís coming back; itís not as strong as it once was, but it is coming back more focused,Ē said CEO Jerry Wick.

Custom Data Too Mail acquires lists and data and has enlisted an expert to break it down so itís more user-friendly. One analysis formula that the company uses is RFM: recency, frequency and monetary. From that analysis, it can be determined how often a certain consumer buys a product and when and how much money they spend on it. That figure can help a client pinpoint how to go after the intended target.

For instance, if a client wants to raise money for an area humane society, Wick can help them select the zip codes to target, choose a selected income level range and if the household has an interest in pets.

At Custom Direct Too Mail, clients mainly include cataloguers, manufacturers and utility companies. The Menomonee Falls company also does renewal and subscription cards for publishers.

 Jerry Wick looks over direct mail pieces at Custom Data Too Mail. Each piece is printed with different graphics, offers and personalization. 
Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

While email marketing may be free or at a low cost, Wick said peopleís addresses often change, but itís easier to learn of new postal addresses. Also, itís harder to tailor an email campaign for each person.

Wick said he recently received a mailing from Allen Edmonds after he bought a pair of black shoes. The mailing had a picture of the same pair of shoes Wick bought, but in brown, and referenced his recent purchase.

Using software to create a direct mailing campaign that is the same for all recipients is a weak marketing strategy, said Chief Financial Officer Debbie Wick.

ďWe have the ability to make that much more personable,Ē she said.

That includes using variable data and putting different logos and information on letters being printed at the same time. When Custom Data Too Mail prints renewal notices for a company with more than a dozen magazines, itís able to vary each letter.

 Custom Data Too Mail in
Menomonee Falls.  

Charles Auer/Freeman Staff

There is data to prove that customized direct mailing is better, Jerry Wick said.

In general, a blast of mailers that all look the same will get a 1 percent return for businesses, while a targeted campaign will get between 4 percent and 7 percent, he said.

As Custom Data Too Mail moves forward, Debbie Wick said it wants to become a full-service company. It currently has six employees in a 7,000-square-foot facility at W165-N5761 Ridgewood Drive.

Jerry Wick said direct mailing is holding steady as an industry and he continues to keep his finger on its national pulse.