Former GE Healthcare CEO holds presentation & book signing at Waukesha campus

Freeman Staff

October 4, 2014

Walt Robb, former CEO of GE Healthcare, and his wife, Anne Robb, celebrate after the lobby inside Waukesha’s GE Healthcare wad dedicated in Robb’s name.  
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WAUKESHA - Walt Robb, former GE Healthcare CEO and pioneer, visited GE Healthcare’s Waukesha Campus Thursday for a special dedication ceremony and book-signing event.

Robb was GE Healthcare’s CEO from 1973 to 1986, and wrote about his experience in his book, “Taking Risks.” He spoke to the audience about the book, his time at GE Healthcare, and how corporate America needs to have more time to think and be inspired by having great ideas and taking risks.

Walt Robb, former CEO of GE Healthcare, talks with a fan before signing his book,
“Taking Risks.”   

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Prior to the book event, GE Healthcare held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to dedicate the main lobby of the Waukesha Campus, 3000 North Grandview Blvd., to Robb.

“The event went very well,” GE Spokeswoman Brittany Darga said. “I’d say about 150 people joined for the ribbon cutting and the event following. His presentation was great and inspiring. He had the crowd’s attention all the way through.”