Wisconsin Arson hotline efforts with FM Global Grant

Special to The Freeman

Nov. 26, 2014

BROOKFIELD – The Wisconsin Arson Insurance Council received a $2,000 fire prevention grant from FM Global, one of the world’s largest commercial property insurers.

The award was presented to the WAIC’s Board of Directors on Thursday, Nov. 20.

It will be used for materials such as posters, door hangers, bar coasters, refrigerator magnets, etc. for WAIC’s Wisconsin Arson Hotline (800-362-3005.) Confidential arson tips can also be submitted on wiarsonhotline.com.

Tipsters may receive an award from WAIC’s $5000 award fund or remain anonymous.

WAIC was formed almost 35 years ago to promote communication and cooperation between fire and police departments, insurance organizations, law firms, district attorney offices, the Wisconsin Department of Justice, and any other person or organization with an interest in combating arson throughout Wisconsin.

To learn more about FM Global’s Fire Prevention Grant Program, or to apply for a grant, visit www.fmglobal.com/grants.