Something to cheer about
Cheerleading gym moving to new home

By Josh Perttunen - Enterprise Staff

June 19, 2014

 The trio of Danielle Schreiter (left), Alex Kain and Amber Langer are all-star cheerleading instructors at Badger Athletics.   
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TOWN OF OCONOMOWOC - The staff and students at Badger Athletics will let out a resounding cheer when their new gym, located within the Brown Street Marketplace, is ready for them to move in. And the cheering wonít stop there.

For a while, the idea of opening an All-Star Cheering gym in Lake Country has been the gleam in Amber Langerís eye. Now that dream is coming to fruition. Next month, she and her cheer teams will move from where they currently practice at the GymLingo Academy in Oconomowoc to their own space.

In preparation for a July opening, Langer and her husband are outfitting the space with a full-sized competition springboard floor, 21-foot ceilings, a mirrored wall, a garage door for letting fresh air in and other All-Star equipment.

 The students of Badger Athletics had been renting space at the GymLingo Academy in Oconomowoc, but should move into their very own gym at the Brown Street Marketplace next month.
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She shared the vision for her new business and her excitement with the sport of All-Star Cheering with the Enterprise on Tuesday.

ENTERPRISE: What is your experience with cheerleading?

LANGER: I grew up in Oconomowoc, where I cheered from fifth grade through to graduation. I later became a coach for the Oconomowoc Youth Football programís fifth-grade team. While doing that, I was approached by someone who wanted me to coach, as well as run, a beginnerís All-Star cheer program.

When I was growing up, there were no All-Star gyms in the area; it was something that was more popular in the South.

I instantly fell in love with the sport. I loved the idea of bringing cheerleading to the next level. It was something I would have loved the opportunity to try. Now, I have three daughters who will have the opportunity to do so.


ENTERPRISE: What should parents know about the All-Star program? Or about what else you plan on offering?

LANGER: Studentsí placement is based on age and skill level. The routines incorporate dance, tumbling, jumping and choreography. It is highly competitive, but there is a team for everybody. We make sure team members are on the same wavelength.

All-Star cheerleading is something for children aged 3 years old to 18 years old. The All-Star team is a 12-month commitment, while some of our other classes will be less than that.

Summer All-Star classes are for individual practice, but they will get a professionally choreographed routine in August. The season is from November to March and will feature five competitions. Two apiece will be in Madison and Milwaukee, and one in Wisconsin Dells. 


ENTERPRISE: What do your cheerleaders gain from their experiences?

LANGER: They build their sense of confidence, loyalty and accomplishment. I show them a video of where they started and where they are now, which is always eye-opening. The experience is a great foundation to build a strong, young athlete, all while having fun. 


ENTERPRISE: What kind of feedback do you get from people who are viewing all-star cheerleading for the first time?

LANGER: People are surprised that that is what All-Star cheerleading is. When they think of cheerleading, they think of sideline routines at sporting events.

This really is about athleticism, about being able to push limits. This includes tumbling, basket tosses, stunts, pyramids, jumps and dance, among other skills.


ENTERPRISE: Can you talk about some of your instructors?

LANGER: At the International Cheer Union Championships, Alex Kain coached a New Zealand-based team of coeds and all girls to a second place in 2012 and first place finish in 2014.

While at the University of Minnesota, Danielle Schreiter became a member of Planet Spirit All-Stars and Northern Elite All-Stars.