Income and lending rise at Wisconsin credit unions

Freeman Staff

August 05, 2015

MADISON — During the first six months of 2015, net income increased 17.8 percent and lending rose by 10.6 percent at Wisconsin’s 154 state-chartered credit unions compared to the same period in 2014, according to data released Wednesday by the Department of Financial Institutions.

In the six months ending June 30, net income totaled $140.8 million, up from $119.6 million in the first two quarters of 2014 and total loans were $21 billion, up from $19 billion. In addition, the data showed net worth improved to 10.82 percent, up from 10.64 percent and the delinquent loan ratio was 0.81 percent, down from 0.98 percent.

“The second quarter was basically a repeat of the first quarter for state-chartered credit unions, with most key indicators trending favorably,” DFI Secretary Ray Allen said in a statement. “The continued strong performance by state credit unions is yet another sign of a healthy Wisconsin economy.”