Bus stop added for FedEx workers
Between 25-50 per shift will benefit

By ALEX ZANK - Daily News

Aug. 6, 2015

On Tuesday morning, Washington County Transportation Committee members agreed to add a bus stop on the intersection of Highway Q in German-town to accommodate increased use by employees at the FedEx Corp.’s distribution center.

FedEx, which plans to open a facility in late August in Menomonee Falls, is anticipating between 25-50 workers per shift relying on the bus for commuting, transportation committee members said.

Board Supervisor and Committee First Vice-Chairman Brian Krebs said Milwaukee County Transit System requested Washington County add the bus stop in front of the facility.

The proposal called for stops on both the north and south side of the highway. Committee members were concerned about safety — there is no crosswalk in the area for riders to cross from the north side of the road to the southern end where the FedEx facility lies.

Committee members decided one stop on the south end would suffice.

FedEx Ground spokesman David Westrick said in an email the facility will be more than 200,000 square feet when completed later this month.

The new facility will join another station already operating in the Milwaukee area, he said. Some employees will move to the new station from the existing one.

“We will add to the overall area workforce as necessary to support increased demand for service,” he said.

A committee report recommended a bus stop at Emerald Lane in Germantown be removed, with the new one at the FedEx facility — which lies 1,000 feet west of the intersection of Emerald Lane and Highway Q — taking its place.

The report stated the stop averages one rider per day, with 10 buses passing by the stop daily.

Committee members decided to keep the Emerald Lane stop because MCTS predicts increased riders, Board Supervisor Ronald Naab said.

“The one rider a day has religiously been there,” he said.

Krebs motioned to add the bus stop, but to limit both that stop and the existing one on Emerald Drive to the eastbound lanes on the south side of Highway Q.

The bus stop was passed on a one-year temporary basis, said Board Supervisor and Committee Chairman Daniel Goetz.

MCTS and FedEx will likely work out a deal for buses to pick up riders in the facility’s parking lot, he said.

The bus route will not cost Washington County anything, according to the committee report.

The bus route using this stop is funded from a lawsuit stemming from the Zoo Interchange Project. The route is meant to ease congestion and provide transportation for workers commuting between Milwaukee and suburban communities.

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